Friday, January 29, 2010

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I never share anything that I make with you, so enjoy.  They all include the use of GLITTER, PAPER, and SCISSORS! Plus hot glue! :)

i made this in craft club last year. i love that little girl. and the green paint.

"our feet are earthbound, but our hearts and our minds have wings"
 this is in my front bathroom.  i love it.

this is picture frame in caroline's room. sorry the lighting is so bad.  it used to be plain black, with some kind of quote in cream on it, it wasn't me so i jazzed it up.  and now i actually have a picture in it and not the stock one!

i love the little rose trim and the feathers.
it says "keep a green tree in your heart, and singing bird will come"  caroline likes it :)

wreath i made for my salon door.  it's made of a 10" foam wreath covered in magazine pages.  topped off with a turquoise glittery ribbon.  i had to get glitter on it somehow!
this took me two days of free time at work, plus probably 8 glue sticks and many burns.

hope you enjoyed some of my crafts.  have a wonderful day. 


just_me_tiff said...

they look great! I love the wreath

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Love the wreath - make me one! I wonder if you could poke it into the styrofoam instead of gluing?

Abbie said...

i agree, make me a new wreath...since i just took down my christmas time one! ha!

elise said...

very cute! i'm in love with the wreath too:O)

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