Thursday, August 27, 2009

Meet Miss Caroline JoAnn

Born August 20th, 2009 at 1:19am. She was 8lbs 8oz and 21 3/4 in long.

She's absolutely perfect. She looks like her daddy from the nose up and mommy from the nose down. She is beautiful and we're so blessed to have such a precious baby girl.

She is doing wonderful at night. She sleeps 2 1/2 to 3 hours. She eats, poops, and goes right back to sleep in her crib.

Kylie went back to work today, we are both sad, but so far so good.

Well time to feed her and get her ready for her day of company.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the final countdown

7 days left til miss caroline is due. i can't believe it has gone by so fast. it seems like it was christmas day yesterday, and now time is beginning to drag. i am so ready to have her here and to be "basketball" less. i live for the day to move freely again :) it's so worth it though. she's going to be healthy and beautiful, i just know it.

this has been a super busy week. i'll give you a run down-

monday: got up and cleaned the house, then went to the dr. i was hoping for really great news like"you're dilated to a 4 and we want to induce you tomorrow!" but that was a huge DREAM. still dilated to 1, but 80% effaced. so that was a bonus, plus i LOST one pound! amazing, i know.

tuesday: went to work from 10-2 for my last day. i decided i didn't want to work to much longer incase my water would break. i just didn't want "oh half your head is hilited and my water is all over the floor. plus, how nasty? after that i came home. i tried to nap with kylie but failed. so i went over and helped abbie. we went to family dollar and walmart to get curtain rods. we ate chinese, went to my parents, then back to her trailer to hang TONS of curtains. long day, but fun.

wednesday: got up, went to the bank, then headed to decatur for our ultrasound. i was super excited to see her face in possible 3D. unfortunately, she's huge so that didn't really happen. at our ultrasound, we discovered caroline is a monster baby. haha. she is measuring at 40 weeks even though she's only 39. that's right 8lbs 11oz. her head is 12cm and is 42 weeks developed. nice huh? luckily they're not usually accurate and can be off a pound. after the ultrasound we went to eat at olive garden. it took forever. we were there for almost a hour. when we were finally done there we had to rush home to meet with our lawyer at 2:30. so we made it to the lawyer's office on time, then had to wait 15 mins before we even got to talk with her. we had to do a very adult chore yesterday and get WILLS! yikes. it went really well. we got wills and power of attorney's set up in like 15mins. a VERY expensive 15mins and paperwork, but it had to be done. now if something were to happen to us, everything is taken care of for caroline and her future siblings. after that we had to go to the courthouse to get paperwork signed for our new rental property. unfortunately the person who signs, wasn't there and we had to contact him privately and go to his house. it was bizarre. then to walmart to get random hygiene things that you can't purchase at aldi. then we were home for 20 mins then off to annie's house to babysit my nephew everett. aubrie went to VBS, so we just had the little man. he was crazy like any other 2 year old boy. we went on a long gator ride, then had vanilla wafer snack before mom got home. it was a SUPER LONG day.

today: went to the shop to meet the girls for lunch. ate at the new mexican resturant. it was delicious and pretty fast! then went back to the shops so they could un-mom hair me. i have been growing and trying to be natural. then i decided that was boring and not me. so we colored it funky and cut the back off. it needed it cut, it was getting mullet-ish. once the front starts growing better then i'll let the back grow. now i'm home. my husband is napping on the couch and i've been surfing the web.

this is a really long blog. congratulations if you read it all. please pray for me in my upcoming weeks of new motherhood. i'm hoping she gets here next week, otherwise it's really 14 days away.