Wednesday, February 23, 2011


i promised to blog more, but obviously i'm failing.  so after much hounding of family and friends (mostly 7 emails from the dearest heiserman.)  so here i am racking my brain, and boom!  welcome to a blog all about my brother (in law) Jade aka Jasper.  Now that my family lives in the reid household, i've learned some new things about my brother i never knew before.  and yes he's is truly my brother, considering he came around when i was 9 and he's been with my sister, annie, for like 14 years, he no longer get "in-law" after his title.  i really love him like a brother and know that i can go to him anytime for help.  i love him.

Annie, sweet Ollie, and Jasper

so it's been almost three weeks since we hauled our treasures into the beloved basement and things are going great...or at least i think so.  i've always known that their are just certain things that jade reid WON'T eat : the 3 M's-mushrooms, mustard, and mayonnaise. he's extreme about his dislikes too.  he can't just pick out mushrooms, nope. no way. uh uh, won't do it.  he'll skip dinner and go straight for pie(who could blame him there though!) he won't eat a burger with mustard, even if it's scraped off and topped with ketchup.  won't do it!  but there are things he will eat.  things that i would raise my nose to and clench my teeth and say nope. no way. uh uh, won't do it.

one of these things would be "oatmeal and dumplings" in the words of jade.  what is this mess you ask?  well it's a bowl of oatmeal with two slices of bread inside.  two whole pieces just smothered in oatmeal.  then he breaks it up and eats it.  he claims is awesome.  annie says it's terrible.  i'm with her 100%.

he also eats cookies as cereal.  he fills up a glass of milk, dumps like 6 cookies in, swirls it with a spoon til they are mushy and broken up, then he enjoys.  that is just not right.  just. not. right!

oh and both him and annie drink milk with dinner.  seriously?!  you can't drink milk with spaghetti. that is unamerican!

so i've learned he has some weird eating habits.  i've always known he loves my sister and he is a great dad and an extremely hard worker, so seeing those qualities everyday was not a shock.  but oatmeal in dumplings.  gross jade.  just gross.  but i can look past that and still love you.

p.s. jade also works in the upstairs of my salon.  so not only do i see him at home, but at work too.  good thing he's not one of "those" in-laws like my zac.  BOOM! just kidding abbie.  i love zac too, but i can't write about his weird food cravings or this blog would never end!  oh and tiff, i love kolby too.  but what could i write about him, maybe everyone should know about the red afro that floats around in our babies' blood streams, lets just hope they aren't girls that inherit that hairdo!