Sunday, January 10, 2010

sweet sweet love II

ok, old flame. here we go.

kylie and i and a bunch of friends went to a concert in mt. vernon.  i really didn't feel like going because i knew i needed to end my relationship with kylie and i didn't feel like a concert with all our friends was the right time.  anyway, during the last band kylie asked me to go on a walk.  i was like oh my gosh, no no no no.  but i said ok.  so we walked down the block and found a little bench to sit on.  we sat down and started talking.  kylie said "you seem different tonight, is everything ok?" i knew i couldn't lie and it wouldn't be right to lie.  so i laid it all out there.  i might have left out the whole old boyfriend part, but i didn't want to completely crush him!  so, he said that sucked and so on then we walked back to the concert.  none of our friends knew.  i still had to sit in the front seat on the way home, it was terrible.  the next day everyone knew and i decided not to go hang out at the daniel house like i did every sunday.  it stunk, but i still had feelings for my old guy, so what was i to do.  well i started hangin out with jared again and it was all ok.  then one day kolby, kylie's brother and my dear friend, dropped a note in my lap during home room.  i read it immediately and teared up.  i was such a jerk and kolby was so right.  he just said he saw my car at jared's and kylie was so much better than him and i knew it and i should have told kylie about jared.  he was SO right.  so i was questioning what i had done.  then good ol' idiot jared screwed up, big!  (back story, i dated jared for a few months, he went to the air force for 3 months and we wrote back and forth, while he was gone i started liking kylie and i ended it) well come to find out from some of my cheerleading friends the whole time he was gone he was calling and writing some of them too.  asking if when he got back they would want to meet up and fool around! note: i was not a  "fooling around" kind of girl so he had to get his kicks somewhere else! well need less to say the girls and i set up a trap and he FELL for it.  totally picked up one of the girls from the game, kissed her hand, then tried to take her out to "the point" for some action.  she declined so he brought her back to town.  then i came in and he picked me up and i chewed him out big time.  i was so MAD!  i pretty much told him he was a piece of crap and that i dumped the most amazing guy for him and he was worthless.  he tried to lie but i knew he was full of it.  he dropped me off and i discovered a note from jared that read "can't wait to see you tonight.  love ya-jared" HA HA on my way home he called to tell me how sorry he was and that he, wait for it...LOVED me! oh my, i called him out big time!  i said i did NOT love him and never did and that he could NOT love me after a few short months and cheating on me the WHOLE time.  i believe that was the last time we spoke. needless to say he was a complete douchebag.  yes i did just go there. 

this was long and not really about me and kylie, but it had to be included in the story....


Jillian said...

ugh. total douche bag but the best part is that it led you back to Kylie :)