Sunday, January 23, 2011

Meet Penelope Jane

This blog is long over due.

On August 23rd at 6:28pm, Miss Penelope Jane Daniel was born. Weighing in at 9lbs 1oz and 20 1/2" long. She was and is beautiful. Blue eyes just like daddy and a nose like mommy. I thought she looked just like Caroline right after she was born. But after a few days she started to look more and more like my side of the family. She was absolutely beautiful. Miss Penelope is very easy. She took on to nursing like a champ. And has been a great baby since birth. She is almost 5 months old now and is doing lots of new tricks. She recently started rolling from her back to her belly and gets very mad when she gets stuck on her belly. She loves eating oatmeal cereal and her fruits and veggies. especially applesauce. Caroline is a great big sister. She loves to help mommy with Penelope all the time. She likes to play with Penelope and hold her and kiss her. She says Penelope is her best friend. She calls her LP. And LP-a. She also calls me, mom-mia And her dad, dad-dia. Life with two girls is not that much different than life with one girl. It's just one more butt to wipe!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

don't get your eyes checked...

cause this blog is REAL!  i know, i know.  i'm a terrible blogger.  i just can't find time, and it's so much easier to stalk a blog then to WRITE one.  but today i decided to take the plunge and dive back into it.  so excuse the bad grammar, the spelling, the lowercase letters-this is how i roll.

so lots of excitement in 2011.  in just a few weeks my family is moving into my sister's basement!  oh man, i never thought i would ever live with my family again, but it's happening.  i might have to break her kids like wild horses, but i think she would appreciate that.  OR she might ban me to the underground for being to "bossy."  which everett informed me i needed to "get out of here" cause i was too bossy about drinking bath water.  who drinks bath water? those nasty reid kids do, they don't care that it butt stew in there, it's delicious!

in other news, baby pinto is on the way! 

i am 9 weeks and 1 day.  look at those little arm and leg buds.  you can even see it's little face.  i melted when the dr. pulled the ultrasound up and there was my baby.  tiny and perfect.  it's little arms waving around. it's heart beating strong.  it made it all real.  made that week of solid puking worth every trip to the porcelain throne worth it.  i think Pinto(named this because Caroline was known as "bean") is a girl.  i thought boy til i saw it.  now i think girl.  however the chinese gender chart begs to differ, and annie is rooting BOY all the way.   a girl would be nice to get all caroline's clothes, i mean they will be 2 years and 2 days apart.  but if i have a boy you better believe he's not wearing athletic shorts and nikes.  no way not my boy.  he's rockin' a mohawk with converse tennis shoes or slip on van.  he's going to be the little rocker boy like daddy-not so much his daddy's wardrobe now, who only wears hooded sweatshirts with family companies' logos-but like his daddy that rocked his ric bass. haha-i know you loved that annie!  either way, this baby is going to be styling!  so pray up on pinto, please.

ALSO, i'm going to be an aunt again!  the first one on the daniel side.
my beautiful in laws are having a baby! just three weeks after us!  kolby is kylie's brother and he's been married to tiffany for almost 3 years.  and after lots of life planning-that me and my mother in law thought would never end-they finally added baby to the list!  (just kidding tiff, i know this has been on your list a LONG time!)  so they announced the great news to us on saturday.  we've been so busy working on our basement rooms that they thought they would never see us.  so after getting lots of texts-pretty much dying for our attention-we went over for dinner.  they're dog, olive, came running in the kitchen like a bullet and she had on a tank top(i'm not kidding, a tank top) that said "BIG SISTER"!  whipped my head up and said to my mom in law, cathy, "IS THAT REAL?!" and she shook her head yes, in which i ran into the living room to give hugs and congrats!  i am so excited for this little red bean(we really like the bean theme)  i thought they were trying but didn't want to ask to many questions because i wanted to be surprised.  and man i was!  they go to the dr. on valentines day where they get to see their first child for the first time.  they are delivering at the same hospital as us, and thank goodness cause if i go late and they go early, we might be there at the same time.  their baby is "supposed" to be a boy too.

so we joke that they might get a mini kolby and we get a mini kylie or we get kolby and they get kylie.  the chances of either are very high considering kylie and tiff get confused as brother and sister from their dark hair and blue eyes. and kolby and i get called bro and sis cause our red hair and brown eyes.  so we'll see what God gives us.  but i'm so excited that we will have babies so close together.  they are going to be best friends.  so please pray for their little bean too.  so far tiff is just tired, so pray she doesn't get that awful morning sickness.