Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chocolate Bunny Worthy

We've been potty training in our house.  It's been a long week...a very, very, very LONG week.  But Miss Caroline is kicking butt and taking names.  She turns 2 in August right before her little sister comes and mom does not want to be changing two sets of diapers.  So last Wednesday we took the plunge!  The moon was in the right sign and it was go time.

To prepare for our long journey to no diapers, we had to buy some BIG girl underwear.  She got Hello Kitty and Minnie Mouse. She was so excited that she got a pair out of the package by herself and was trying to put them on herself.  She was struggling, so I had to help her out.  Her grandma Cathy thought she was in a potty chair in this picture. HAHA!  Sorry Cathy, I had to share it.

Day One started out pretty good.  But we had to take a break so she could get shots.  Since she didn't even whimper during shots and had no accident, I rewarded her and myself with french fries. It was a nice break.  We carried on with the potty once we got home.  She did pretty good, but of course had a few accidents.  The hardest part is training yourself.  No trips to town, no relaxing in a recliner, no fun.  Just lots of time in the bathroom, reading books, doing puzzles, taking pictures, and watching videos of Pa Pa Stu sassing.  Sitting on the bathroom floor for hours and hours of the day, is miserable.  I stand up and feel like my hips are falling off.  Hard tile floors+7 month pregnant hips=not fun!  I grab pillows now, or if it's a long time I will drag in a chair.
While mom gets ready she plays in my room.  Doing puzzles and climbing on the bed.  Only she can rock a pair of crocs and thick undies.  And she will throw a fit if you do not put her "boots" on.  So she constantly is wearing "boots", any form, crocs, sneaks, sandals, or even house "boots."
Because we spend lots of time in the potty we don't have time for snacks in our chair.  So she eats sharks on the toilet while rocking Everett's Jason Mraz hat.  She's cute. Period.
Also, safety gear is needed on the potty.
And hugs and support is needed from cousins.
And when you kick booty like this girl you get FIVE cat stickers.  That's right almost a week in and this kid is going all day with maybe one accident!  She goes every hour almost on the dot.  Our sitting time has decreased from over an hour to maybe fifteen minutes.  It takes patience and training, but once you can do it yourself, your sweet baby can too.   Hopefully in the next few days, she'll be more vocal about it and we won't have to watch the clock like hawks.  
So when this girl has a success, she gets a stickers and a M&M or her favorite-CHOCOLATE BUNNY!

So to all you potty training mommy's you can do it!  And so can your baby!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Spread the news

Ollie Faith's open heart surgery has been set.  Please pray for her, the doctors and medical staff at Barnes-Jewish, and our family.  Surgery is Thursday June 9th.  Here is her prayer card-please steal it, print it, post it everywhere.  Thanks to our family friend Jamie McDonald for capturing her gorgeous eyes and working this card up for us to pass out.