Wednesday, January 13, 2010

honest to blog

apparently i won an award!  thanks sister!

Thank you to my sister annie over at The House That Jade Built.  The deal is that I share 10 honest things about myself with you.  Then I get to tag 5 lucky readers to do the same!

1. i am a huge tv head.  i have dvr and it's set shows everyday, saturday and sunday included!  it's terrible and i watch some really TERRIBLE stuff.  for some reason i really am in to bad reality like...JERSEY SHORE! oh my i can't believe i'm admitting it. but something about snooki and "the situation" draw me in for more.  GTL baby, GTL. (gym, tan, laundry, everyday!) i was pretty bad with tv before caroline, but now that i wake up in the middle of the night, i have to watch something.  i try to watch my hour long shows before bed so that i don't get sucked in to them in the middle of the night.  yes, i've been known to feed the baby and continue watching tv to finish an awesome episode of greys.'s my drug.

2. i sleep in "late".  to me, 8-8:30, is not late.  BUT i go to work at 10, while the average person is at work by 8.  that means for you commuters you're LEAVING your house at 7!  people always say i need to get up early but tell me why.  if you worked in town and your sitter was in town and you went to work at 10, would you still wake up at 6? i don't think so. i have a baby that sleeps late, so i take advantage of it.  today she woke up at 7 and i did too, i was 40 mins early to work.  i didn't know what to do with myself!  i LOVE sleep!

3. i hate everything about organic foods.  i know, some might think i'm crazy, but i don't really buy into it.  i feel like if i am cooking my family meals each night and it's not from a box i'm doing good.  my grandparents are 86 and 90 years old and doing very well.  i know my grandma loves to cook with bacon grease and puts butter on bologna sandwiches. my feeling is, if you're not eating out or preparing precooked meals every meal you're going to be fine.  live your life eating delicious-ness, you only live once.

4.  i have glasses.  i hardly EVER wear them.  if i'm sick or lazy i wear them to hide my tired eyes, but that's really it.  they have a very LOW perscription. i got them in high school to just sharpen up things.  my left eye is the "bad" one, but i don't even notice a problem.  when i slip on my glasses, i don't see a change.  but i have them and they're cute.

 5.  like my sister annie, i was also in tumbling and cheerleading.  i cheered 6 years!  my town was always known for good cheerleaders.  the best in our conference.  was this a known thing to the common basketball or football fan, no.  but we knew we were the best.  my senior year i almost didn't try out b/c i was going to graduate early.  i'm really glad i cheered, but wish i would have graduated early.  i think my best year was my senior year for me.  i learned how to roll my hips out in my jumps and really fly through my flip flops. i had an amazing stunt group with two of my best friends.  we were really good.  that sounds so terrible but really we were.  hillary was our flyer and she was so flexible. she would take one leg above her head and hold with the opposite hand and pull her other arm through. pretty much like a human bow and arrow, it was truely amazing.  she hated being dropped and she knew no matter what i would always catch her, and i did. oh yeah, and our football team went to the final four for the first time in YEARS! it was so fun.

6. i am a huge home body.  i'm not sure if it is because i'm the youngest, but i hate being away from home.  i used to have a really hard time spending the night at friend's houses.  mostly when i was in elementary school and jr. high.  but when i moved to eiu my freshman year, i hated it.  i wanted to be home SO bad, i went home EVERY weekend.  i didn't party, so i went home.  i loved my honeymoon, but i wanted to come home after about 4 days.  it's not just me that i want to be home. when i was little i would cry when my parents left.  one time kylie went on tour two weeks and i was a mess.  i just hated it.  which leads me to 7.

7.  i have a fear that myself or my loved ones will be killed.  either in accidents or murdered.  isn't it terrible.  why would i ever think someone would be murdered.  i think i watched to many scary movies growing up.  i know when i was young my cousin's girlfriend got in a BAD accident.  she had some broken ribs and stuff, but was totally ok.  but i was so scared it would happen to my parents, that when i was in school that i would cry in class(3rd grade).  i was once pulled out of class to talk to the school counseler. she seriously asked me if one of my parents were abusing me!  can you even believe it?!

8. i hate doing my hair.  every morning it is the thing i dread most.  i always have to wet it down(crazy bedhead), blow it dry AND straighten it.  i like to style it different each day, but it's so hard sometimes.  i'm recently trying to grow it out, but it is SO hard.  i've been growning for a year now.  its currently just below my chin and last year it was the bottom of my ear.  really not much growth.  i've had some "healthy" trims, but not really a good CUT.  i was itching to cut it today, but i didn't. i've gone this long, so i'm going to try a little longer.  why do i do this to myself?!

9. i LOVE a good soda.  i like it all.  my go to is always coca-cola.  pepsi is for wieners. i've recently rediscoverd dr. pepper and vanilla coke. oh yum! i would say the best way to have a soda is cold, on ice (cubed or crushed).  so delicious.  i can even drink them room temp.  nothing like a fresh bag of pop corn and an ice cold coke.  oh man, that might have to be my snack during the real world. yup, it's another bad show on my list. 

10. i really want a tattoo on my foot.  my dear friend and co worker casey has a wonderful pair of scissors with pretty swirls on her foot.  i love it.  she tells me to get it, but i don't want to be a copy cat, she doesn't care.  but i do.  i've wanted to get "walk by faith" but i'm not sure if i just want words of pretty filigree around it. OR if i want print or script.  i feel that it's the best that suits me.  my fear is that in 10 years from now i won't love it, OR that it won't turn out how i envisioned it and i will forever hate it.  i just love it though.  case wan't "my treasure is heaven"  i also love that, i hope she gets it.  we've recently talked of peacock feather, and it just sounds FABULOUS!  but again a fear of hate, and it's a forever thing.

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just_me_tiff said...

Your "TV Head" secret cracked me up! You make it sound like that's all you do haha.

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Cut that hair off short like it was when you met Kylie. it was seriously the cutest hair you've probably ever had - no joke.

I too love Real World & Jersey Shore - it's ridiculous in a good say!!

elise said...

blogger hasn't been updating me on your blogs:O(
this was really fun to read:O)