Monday, February 1, 2010


our shop mascot, in a sense.  he is a beautiful deer that my mom gave me as a birthday gift.  my heart melted when i opened it.  he is perfect! but because of my short 7' trailer ceilings, he lives at my salon.  he's perfect there.  we named him prancer because well, he's kind of fruity.  see examples below.

here he is at christmas. this is my favorite of him.

he was bare for a month or so and SO boring, but i just jazzed him up today

yes that is a feather boa and a tulle bow in his "hair"

i wanted to show you his heart earring too.
he's precious.


Tiny Treasures said...

Haha Oh I do love me some Prancer!

just_me_tiff said...

oh goodness, he is precious.

Cakes by Courtney said...

PUH-LEASE put an Abe Lincoln beard and hat on him for President's Day!!!