Monday, January 4, 2010

roll it up, roll it up

stick it on a wreath? ok so i changed the words, but it's only appropriate. i made my dear friend CASEY  a wonderful wreath for Christmas.

she had went on and on about this rolled paper thing she'd seen on etsy.  then she made a treasury and featured her dream.  so i figured, eh can't be too hard.  well, after EIGHT glue stick and about 70 pages later it was complete.

i even topped it all off with a silver GLITTERY C.  she loved it so much.  she said she almost teared, but i think she actually did. and i'm so hormonal, i kinda teared up when i gave it to her.  we have very similar tastes in decor, crafts, hair, clothes, etc.  so it's very refreshing to have a friend that can appreciate the fantastic pieces of furniture or trinkets we find.  we love each other and depend on each other for new inspirations for one of our crazy projects, and can trust the other to say, "that's hideous, try again."  thank you for being my friend casey.  i'm so thankful to have you not only as a friend, but a coworker too. 

p.s. watch for more wreaths on ETHEL EDITH and our spring show!  custom orders accepted!


Tiny Treasures said...

oh maggie!!!! you are fantastic, fabulous, hilarious, creative, darling, sweet, and beautiful!!
Thank you so much for my very own blog!!

p.s. i am holding you to that fairy jar!

I love you!

Jillian said...

this wreath is amazing!
You did SUCH a great job :)