Monday, January 18, 2010

a place to rest our heads

welcome to our new shabby chic bedroom.  i forgot to take before pictures, so enjoy the now pictures. 

new duvet from simply shabby chic at target.  thank you rachel ashlwell.

sweet dreams.  our bed is so cozy, i can't wait for the day to end so i can snuggle up in it with my husband.

a night stand i bought for ethel edith project and stole it for myself.

part one of my christmas present from kylie.  i spray painted the knobs a flat gray because the gold was just hideous.  but for this and this...

for $80 he did REALLY good!  thank you kylie!

i love my little vanity in the corner!

i love the mix of chippy paint with the very shiny silver candle sticks.  thank you for the idea mom!

this little couple planter is to die for.  i think it is so cute!  and yes that is my engagement golf ball, i'll forever keep it.

my morning makeup station.  i got the chair from my mom. it's one of my favorite things in the room.  it's pink and has awesome turquoise and pink bark cloth.  thanks again mom :)

my collection of mercury glass canisters.  thank you to annie for the big ones and my jewel jewelry case.  i picked up the small brush holder at big lots for $3.  can't beat a bargain.

my bird mirror.  my mom got this for my bday last year.  it was bronze but i painted it and love it even more now.

and last but not least.  my most favorite thing!

my new chandelier light fixture.  my husband truly loves me.  first he let me buy it at target, then when i was bummed because it was just a plug in one he told me he could mount it.  and he so did! oh my it's so pretty.  it's just white with pale pink flowers.  i always wanted one in my bedroom but with a trailer i thought it wasn't possible.  but kylie made my dreams come true!

this room is my comfort room.  i used to hate it and never went in there except for bed. now it's so romantic and cozy.  i often go in there and watch tv when baby is sleeping or i play with her in there.  it's my new room!


just_me_tiff said...

so cute i love it!

Janie Fox said...

the little girl planter reminds me of Jackie and I... it is only on loan! haha

Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Maggie- your room is gorgeous!
I love it all. You have a great eye for mixing and matching!
Love the chippy with the silver.
And the light is beautiful.

elise said...

looks great maggie!
how relaxing!
i like your mirror a lot:O)

Jillian said...

LOVE it all Mags.

AH! I wish I could finish a room at our place! haha. :)