Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the proposal

on hot summer night, we were supposed to go to decatur to help friends rearrange their furniture.  courtney called me and said they had to cancel because some bogus reason.  i was bummed and she said "maybe you'll come anyway and he'll take you on a date."  i replied, "yeah right, maybe he'll propose"  totally joking!  i called kylie to tell him the news and he suggusted we went up there anyway and play mini golf at this place we've never been before. i thought it sounded fun so i agreed.  he swung by and picked me up on his way home from work.  on the way there i had told him that i always make my friend ashley paint my nails before the weekend just in case.  he was like dream on sister.  and we laughed.  we ate at culvers then headed to the put put golf in the park.  we walked around and he showed me this bench that had starry night painted on it.  then we went to play.  it was july 28, 2006 and was SO hot!  we were playing and there was this creepy high school kid that was just playing by himself and we would just hop around from hole to hole in no order. kylie kept complaining about creepy kid and i was complaining how stinking hot it was! he asked if i wanted to go play a different course and i said "no, lets just finish this crap and go home.  i'm freakin sweating!"  so on the last hole, he hits his ball super fast and RUNS to the end. i didn't know what he was doing so i did the same.  there  were giant dice blocks, so i couldn't really see him.  when i got there he was pushing our balls into the hole then he looked up holding this!

i nearly died!  he handed me the ball then pulled the ring box out of his sock, haha.  then he held up my beautiful ring and asked me to marry him.  i just kept saying "are you serious? you're joking!" then we hugged and kissed and threw our golf balls in the hole and got the heck out of there!   it was better then i ever imagined.  by the time we called everyone and spread the news, we were home.  and we had already chose a date.  april 28th, 2007.  later we found out it was my grandparents anniversary and we would be married on their 66th wedding anniversary.  too sweet

here's the bling

p.s. annie helped him with the plan
p.p.s.notice my nails are painted.  thank you ashley!


Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Geez - being a Mom is rough - I about cried & I already know this story!

elise said...

Soooooooo sweeeeeeet!!! i love it!
again, sorry for not commenting earlier, but blogger doesn't want us to be friends:O(
i'll show it who's boss...
that pic of you is adorable.