Monday, January 18, 2010

once you turn your back

something amazing happens! caroline joann ROLLED over today!  she was so close last night, but today she did it. from back to belly too!  i just looked over and there she was belly down.  i cried i was so happy.  now i just keep flipping her and she just keeps rolling then gets so mad because she hates being on her belly!  here my little sweet pea is, so proud! i just love her blue eyes, thank you daddy kylie :)

p.s. i was going to blog my new shabby chic bedroom today, but carlie trumps that anyday! so maybe later during her nap


just_me_tiff said...

awwww she's growing too fast, too fast!

Janie Fox said...

She isw beautiful ... before long we will be dragging her outta corners she has scooted into!