Monday, March 22, 2010

i'm still alive!

sorry blog world and blog stalkers!  i've been very busy and blogging has not been on my list of to dos, until today.  since my last blog, i've been making stamped necklaces like crazy.  i've literally made over 20!  i'm really enjoying it, but i've discovered i like making my own vs. a custom piece.  i can be more creative and they usually turn into my favorite pieces.  BUT, custom orders bring in the cash, so i like them too.  here's a few of my favorite pieces, custom and not.

simply breathe...

this is for my cousin.  i love this because her kids' names are great and their birthstones are great together 

i love this one because it's perfect for anyone.

making necklaces has been taking up a lot of my time on sundays and mondays, but last monday was kylie's birthday.  so we did some celebrating.  we ate at a new japanese steak house with his family.  it was super good and fun.  caroline even clapped for the chef!  then the next night was dinner with my family.  it was very good too.  then monday caroline got 6 month pictures then we celebrated my grandma's 86th birthday at a buffet!  YUM!  i surprised kyle with a iPod touch, which he loved.  thank you sisters for the extra cash to help.  he LOVES it!  and he's trying to sell his really crappy old one that's 4 years old.  then this past weekend was annie and jade's 6th anniversary, so we watched the kids.  thank goodness ruby felt sorry for me, so she snatched everett up.  then we had a slumber party at my house with the girls.  aubrie grace had a GREAT time.  she just loves caroline so.  we played games and guitar and then stayed up past bed time.  then after caroline fell asleep, aub camped out on her floor.  she thought it was awesome.  we made a couple videos of them together and aubrie telling stories.  it was fun.  here's a few pictures of the weekend and of sweet baby girl.   

this is currently my fav sleeper.  she looks like an easter egg

she loves the mornings because she gets in bed with mommy once her dad leaves

everyone pile on daddy's lap!

loving it!

well this was a monster blog!  time to put my baby down for a nap, fold laundry, clean, and actually get out of my p.js today :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

thank you television

a few weeks ago my baby girl had bronchitis.  i meant to blog it a long time ago, but i've been busy.  so here my sweetness is doing breathing treatments.


she's such a champ, she didn't fuss or fight.  she just watched tv and laughed.



we've been blessed with a happy baby. i can't believe she's 1/2 a year old.  she's flirt and a ham.  i thank God for her everyday.