Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i'm tired

from a busy weekend. i had a wedding on saturday. my friend ashley got married. it was beautiful. i love fall, so a fall wedding was perfect! very cold, but very pretty. she looked awesome in her dress. and it only cost her $90, AWESOME! kylie filmed the wedding from 9am-9pm, i helped film the ceremony on a tripod. never again. i was so nervous. i don't know how he does that. i mean, you only get one shot and if you screw it up there is NO do over. so i was nervous. kylie said i did a really good job though. that's a plus. here's a few pictures from the wedding.

sunday i went to st. louis to visit my sister and SHOP. it was so fun. i never remember how much i miss her until i see her and have to leave again. she cracks me up. my mom, both sisters, and my niece were there. we shopped sunday and monday! i was pooped when we go home. i did get all of my christmas shopping almost done. i just have to get a few things, but i'll be done after that. i had a blast though. aubrie is so funny. i think i laughed more this weekend then i have in awhile. it was a fun trip, but i was so glad to be home. well off to work i go. have a great day. Kraft Klub tonight! woo hoo!

here's hazel. she's getting big and hairy!

Friday, November 14, 2008

creative title here.

so it's been awhile since i blogged. i don't really have much to blog about. i'm not feeling profound or anything. so here comes the randomness of my blog that you all love. haha

my dog hazel is getting big. she weighs in at 3.6lbs. that doesn't seem very big, but she's growing. she has to get fixed in december. poor pup. all her baby teeth on the top have fallen out now. its a good thing b/c she was looking like shark teeth pup. haha. she is pretty much potty trained but has her occasional accidents. she gets trusted to stay uncaged all day. so far so good. everytime i come home at lunch she is sleeping on the couch where i left her. then in the evening she is sitting on her box looking out the window at me. shes so fun.

craft night is officially a success. last night i made a peacock feather wreath and a picture on a canvas. it's so much fun. so far i'm made a fairy jar and the two things above. i really need to get on my nieces apron. i highly encourage people to start crafting. it's so much fun. plus i feel more creative then ever! here's some pics

Saturday, November 8, 2008

secret game...

jillian put me up to the challenge sooo... here we go.

the rules are that when you are tagged you have to share 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 other people...

1. for six years of my life i was a cheerleader. yeah that's right. two years were competitive cheerleading. my senior year i got an all-american award. it means i did very good at camp.

2. usually people call dibs on the front seat, but my sisters and i used to call dibs on the front or middle of the bath tub. we all three took baths together and the front was the best. annie usually got the front, then i got the middle, poop abbie got the cold back of the tub.

3. i say "suck it" or "suck it hard" a lot. i don't mean it in a F you kind of way. it's just funny to me. i'm working on toning it down.

4. i love getting snail mail. its so nice to go to the mailbox and it not just be bills. 1000 w.s. 10th #55 shelbyville, il 62565 go ahead, send me some! :)

5. in 1996, i got in a really bad 4-wheeler accident. i had emergency surgery to repair my lung, spleen, and liver. i broke ribs. i was in ICU for 2 days, then a regular room for 3 more days. i watched womens gymnastics. they were incredible. i'm in perfect condition now, just sporting my 6" battle wound on my abdomen.

6. i've had the same best friend for 16 years, hillary. she's great. i have new best friends now, but she's been around the longest, besides my wonderful sisters.

7. i hate to read. i think it was that darn accelerated reader they forced us to do. english was my worst subject then they shoved that down our throats=no books for maggie!

i tag: tiffany, amanda, denise, nicky, stacee, alexis, and nicky's friend that read my blog once. haha

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

prayer please

so this is going to be kind of a downer for a blog. but my family needs lots of prayer.

to start off, my cousin was killed in a car accident on saturday. he was 17. i was not very close to him. his mom and my cousin got married about 5 years ago. so i've only been around him at christmas and thanksgiving and he was usually hanging out in the basement with the other kids. anyway, its going to be really hard for them. his visitation is tonight and funeral tomorrow. my family from chicago is coming down. they need prayer also. they lost their son/brother/father/uncle about three years ago. he was also killed in a car accident, so this is going to bring up those emotions for them. please pray for the foxes and the orins.

also, my cousin zac and his wife had their baby about 2 weeks ago. he was only 29 1/2 weeks old when he was born. he has truly been a miracle baby. there have been many scares for him throughout the pregnancy, but God has shown through and healed him. he has been breathing on his own, pretty good, but they had to give him CPR 4 times on sunday. please pray for him to get better. they are afraid he might have a syndrome that effects his heart, but the results are in yet. they also have discovered a infection, but they have not pinpointed it yet. please say a pray for baby zavier hankins and his family.

sorry this has kind of been a downer, but i know prayer will work, so i'm spreading the news. have a wonderful day and go out and VOTE!