Friday, April 15, 2011

holy COW!

 miss caroline loves cows.  i mean L-O-V-E-S cows.  you say anything about them and she just starts talking her talk and throws in ta-ow(which is cow)  she loves daddy ta-ows, momma ta-ows, and of course baby ta-ows.  now that we live with my sister, we are much much much closer to the cow action than before.  so, occasionally when we want to kill a little time we'll take her down the road to see all of the cows.

i've always grown up with cows around.  my dad has always had a ton at his cattle farm down the road, plus we had "bucket" calves at our house.  i have always loved cows too.  they're cute.  they're not that smelly.  and they are delicious.  yeah, we raise them and eat them.  and we are very fortunate to be able to have farm fresh beef.  this year my dad is actually building a butcher shop at my parents house so he can cut up his own beef.

sorry, side tracked.  i took caroline to see the cattle one day, she loved it...of course.  while there we also saw a bunny.  so now anytime we go to the barn or even mention cows, she says bunny then hop, hop, hop.  it's cute.  my girl is cute.  now picture time.

lookin' for cows already

she knows exactly where their pens are, and she just starts going for them

her daddy put on his boots so she could get a closer look.  clearly she was dying!
i also said to kylie-"did you ever think this would be a normal thing in your life, to work with cattle?" his response, "never."    fyi: he was far from farm boy when we dated, now he's full on farm man.  well working on it.  he's mostly a hay baler and helps with cattle and around the farm.  he's not a man of seed and soil...yet.

on the gator, to search for baby ta-ows

we are blessed.

she's a daddy's girl, for sure!

we love the new country life we live. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

sugar & spice and everything nice

baby daniel number two is a GIRL!  we've known, our family has known, most of our friends have known.  i'm just a bad blogger.  kylie and i are very excited to get another little miss.  especially kylie, he can't wait for two little girls to be obsessed with him.  i am thrilled too!  i wanted caroline to get a sister.  my sisters are my best friends and i wanted that for her too. 

 here she is.  we saw her face before we knew the sex, and i just knew it was a girl.  she looks so much like caroline to me.  now will she have the same hair and eyes like her daddy(caroline too) OR will she get mommy's red hair and brown eyes?!  i've got my fingers crossed on mommy's red hair and daddy's blue/gray eyes. but either way she's just beautiful.

perfect little profile.  she's pretty.

her name is Penelope.

possibly penelope kathleen-after kylie's mamaw "kat" kathleen daniels

possibly penelope lou-after my mom  janie lou

 or maybe even penelope jane-also after my mom.

either way penelope is it.  but a middle name is just difficult.  i really like them all except i fear if it's jane then she'll be called P.J.  and i just really really really dislike initials for a name.  it's like someone got lazy and just gave up on a name.  personal opinion.
last but not least.   here's caroline.  loving life and cows.  no wonder she loves her dad so much.  he picks her up from the sitter and takes her to cows.  all mom does is drop her off and leave her with kitties all day!