Friday, July 24, 2009

36 down..4 to go!

i can't believe how fast this pregnancy has flown by! it's seems like just yesterday we were sharing our exciting news with our family, now we're just four(five at most) short weeks away from meeting our little girl. me and kylie lay in bed at night and try and decide what we think she will look like. i hope she has his pretty eyes and lots of hair, he hopes for my eyes and red curly hair. we pretty much expect her to have the other one's features. i'm sure we'll be blown away with what God has given us. she will be more beautiful than we could ever dream. i'm so excited to meet the little bean that stomps my ribs everyday. i think she brusied me internally actually. i have a sore spot under my chest, its not red or irritated on the outside but if you push on it some it really hurts. she's a hardcore chick already! with her upcoming arrival i feel like we have so many things to do. her nursery has been ready for months and her hospital bag packed for a month. it just seems like there is so much to do still. i have a shopping list of little things i'll need after she arrives plus a list of "to dos." i need to shop before i can pack our bag for the hospital, i have to buy birthday presents for kolby and everett(if i don't do it asap, they might not get any!) we have to install her car seat, we have to meet with a lawyer to set up our will, meet with our insurance agent to up our life insurance, kylie has to get things set up for work with health insurance for her, plus talk about getting his time off when she gets here, and in the midst of it all we bought a moblie home that's moving in august 3rd! so i've had to deal with the trailer company, the bank, insurance, had to call julie for a dig number, plus we have to prepare our lot so it can be moved by the 3rd. it's somewhat stressful, but will totally be worth it in the end. we didn't think we would get the trailer so fast, but we are. it will probably sit for awhile until we have time to work on it. it has to have a few soft spots in the floor fixed, new carpet everywhere and painted. so totally won't be doing that before caroline gets here, and not too soon after. it will be a work in progress but it will be worth it once we get it rented out. kylie has wanted to get rental property for awhile now and this was just too good of a deal to pass up, plus we talked them down $1700 on the price. talk about party bonus! :) our plan is to have this trailer plus 2 more when we build a house, that way our trailers pay for our mortgage. eventually we'll have more trailers and a 1/3 of the trailer park, but that is years down the line. i'm so happy my parents took a risk when they were my age and bought a trailer park. it's really been a great thing for them and now us girls are starting to benefit from it. they are great parents, we're very blessed. well this is getting ridiculous but its 3 am and i can't sleep so i just keep rambling. i've been up since 1:30 and i think i will stay up til kylie wakes up in a hour. he really would enjoy some cinnamon rolls for breakfast instead of his usual poptart, so i think i'll surprise him. goodnight.