Tuesday, January 5, 2010

phase 2!

when wii fit came out, it was a hit at our house.  we played/worked out on it all the time.  we took it to my in-laws and it was a ton of fun.  then we got the new mario game and becoming FIT was out the window.  this time around we did things different.  we played mario first, then wii fit PLUS!  kylie started out tonight weighing himself.  he was not so happy with the reslut, but hey it's only day 1 or 539 but who's counting? oh wii fit is, dang it!  after himself, he added hazel, the dog.  she's a whopping 6 pounds.  up next was baby girl.  we had to first make her a mii, would could then be made into a baby on fit plus.  it was too funy.  of course, to fit in with the rest of the family her name is carwii.  i'm magwii and of course kywii. 

here's the whole family, plus kolbwii, kylie's brother.  and yes he does have a fro and barely has eyes.

daddy weighing carwii! and yes, i know my husband is handsome. my dad has called him a "european bruting model"  how my dad came up with that, i don't know, but i'll agree.

then it was my turn and for some reason kylie didn't snap any photos of me hula hooping away or trying to skateboard.  i'm a master hooper at about 700 spins! it helps when you have FIVE hoops on to add to the count.  my abs will hate me tomorrow.  but i desprately need to do this, because during those 700 spins, i was cramping.  not good for a 23 year old!  so, hopefully i can keep on this quest of wii fitting it up, or else next year i'll look like a bowling ball!


Janie Fox said...

Brooding like pouting not Bruting like the cologne haha

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

LOL I'm cracking up - I totally thought that too Mom! Hilarious!

Maggie, you failed to mention the time this Mom to 2 kicked your Ace hard core in the hula hooping!

Miss Mustard Seed said...

I would love to get one of those! I have two toddlers and I know they would love it. I would also like to get some variety in my workouts at home. Too expensive for now, though. Looks like a blast!

By the way, I love your wreath. The glittered letter in the center makes it so unique. Love it!

Jillian said...

Your blogs keep NOT showing up on my blog roll!!! I am very upset about this and always behind :( ugh.