Monday, February 9, 2009

fun fun fun

this weekend, my sisters and our men took a trip to galena illinois. we stayed at chestnut mountain resort and it was fabulous. i'm not allowed to ski b/c of the bean, so i figured i would just hang out in the room and read and just relax. annie and jade went up on thursday, and started skiing on friday morning. abbie, zac, kylie, and i drove up early on friday. we got there about 1, and checked in. annie and jade met us for lunch in the resort, then everyone but annie and i went skiing. apparently, skiing was not her thing. so we went into the town, and it was so cute. totally storybook. we just walked down the street and went into some shops. it was great. then we headed back to the resort to hang out in the room. the bean was getting hungry, so we went to the cafeteria to grab a snack and see if we could see everyone skiing. after waiting for awhile, they all joined us and were starving. so we got cleaned up and drove into the town for pizza. it was so good. annie and kylie shared a hawaiian pizza, it had shrimp, canadian bacon, and pineapple on it. abbie and i shared a bbq chicken, and jade and zac got a DOUBLE decker. it was to thin crust pizzas stacked up. it was massive. after we were all stuffed we headed back to the resort. the slopes were open til 12am and so everyone went back out but annie and me. we planned on renting a movie, but our tv was too fuzzy. so we just read twilight books. the next day the boys went skiing while the girls went to town. we parked the jeep and just walked the streets.
2 1/2 hrs passed and we hadn't even made it down one side of the street. we went to a shop called phat 1/4s, it was cute. it had all kinds of things. i bought three sock monkey canvases for the baby. they were too cute to pass up. they are kind of boyish, so if it's a girl, i'll just have to save them for our playroom in our house someday. but i knew i would be mad at myself if its a boy and i didn't get them. then we headed to a chocolate shop. i bought kylie a peanut butter bucket. it was huge! then we went to a candy shop, and other little stores on the street. one store was called POOPSIES. it was so cute. it had lots of little gift items and random little things. our favorite were these masks. they were so funny. i loved all the things in the baby/kid section. unfortunatley, the beans sex is unknown. so i didn't buy anything there. but abbie got the bean a great book about a owl baby. i can't wait to get it at my shower. after some shopping we grabbed some lunch at durty gurty's burger joynt. it was so funny in there. they had toilets for waiting chairs. and the food was great. after lunch we headed back to the mountain. abbie got changed and ready to ski and then we headed out to watch them ski for a bit.
after we watched for awhile, annie and i had to leave to get massages! my favorite part of the trip, haha! we were in the same room and i had a woman and annie had a man. when we were getting undressed, annie realized she wasn't really wearing appropriate undies for a massage. she begged me to switch her so her lacy cheeky undies wouldn't be shown to a man. but i denied the offer. we laughed so hard. after we calmed down, they came in and did our massages. it was great, but i wish it lasted longer. when we were done we headed back to the resort to meet everyone so we could go back to town for dinner. we were eating at log cabin greek steak house. it was so much fun. they brought out some flaming fried cheese, then the pepper grinder was like 4' long.
and the steak was great! after dinner they boys hit the slopes again. and we just hung out in the room and got ready for bed. the next day we got up, ate breakfast, and headed home. it was a great trip. i was so happy we went. kylie found a new hobby that he loves, and i got to spend time with my sisters and they're husbands(abbie's husband to be) overall it was a wonderful time, and i reccommend everyone try out galena. its such a beautiful town, and if you don't like skiing you'll be sure to find something fun to do in town.

Monday, February 2, 2009

bean update

i don't have a lot of time to blog. but i wanted to share some photos of the "bean". we had a dr. appt. a week ago and everything looked great. the baby is growing strong and has a great heart rate! we were so surprised to see how big it grew in just 2 weeks. during the ultrasound, the dr. found a mass, and wasn't sure what it was. so i had to go back on wednesday to the hospital for another ultrasound. we weren't to worried, b/c the dr. said if it was a cyst it wasn't a big deal. but we were hoping that it was actually scar tissue from an accident i had in 1996. the ultrasound went very well, and we got to see the bean again. it was dancing again like crazy! the radiologist dr. said that the mass looked to be a cyst. it wasn't on my ovary like the dr. had thought, but it wasn't threatening to the baby or myself. he said i actually could have had it my entire life. they just might have missed in '96 b/c all of the blood that was in my abdomen. so, whew! we're very relieved and blessed. the drs. are just going to keep an eye on it. since it hasn't been causing me any kind of discomfort, they believe it will be just fine. other then that little bit of "scary" news, everything is great. my morning sickness has completely faded and i feel like my "old" self again. despite being very tired and hungry a lot of the time.
anywho, here's some pics!

this is the ultrasound from last monday. i was 10 weeks 4 days!

this is my belly on saturday..i was 11 weeks 3 days

this is kylie and his baby bump! :) he was embarassed