Friday, May 22, 2009

13 weeks and counting

i'm officially 27 weeks and 1 day along. i feel great...but very HOT! the weather has heated up and i'm totally feeling it. i've never really been a sweater, but my belly is where i'm sweating the most. caroline is growing and getting much bigger. i still was picturing her as a little bean until the other day when i felt her hitting me in two different places. then i was shocked at how big she actually is. She's roughly 14" long and 2 1/2 pounds! She's getting to be quite frisky in there too! next week i enter my 3rd trimester. everyone says it's the worst, i'm hoping not though. my entire pregnancy has been great. my only complaint is the heartburn and frequent urination...and being hot. so, THREE complaints, that's not too bad, right?! my doctor was a little concerned with my weight gain a few weeks ago and told me to watch my diet. so i started watching what i ate and making changes in my diet and walking a mile each night. i went back to the dr. and lost 1 pound! i was very pleased...he didn't even comment. i go back on the 1st for a check up and glucose test. i've kinda slipped on watching what i eat, so i'm trying to pull myself back together before the 1st. i'm not trying to loose weight, just trying to choose an apple over an ice cream sandwich. hopefully i'm doing good. i really don't want to gain more than 35-40 pounds, but we'll see. my shower is next saturday and i'm SUPER excited for it. i can't wait to get everything and finish her little room.

on another note:
my sister is getting married in 2 weeks! she's the last one left. we are all pumped. it's going to be a very small ceremony and reception. they're getting married at a very cute little church by my parents house, then the reception is in my parents shed. it's very country and totally abbie...she's always been the biggest tomboy out of all three of us! it's going to be beautiful, i just know it. lots of wild flowers and simple things. no bridal party at all, just them. her only request was that i wear a dress to show off my belly. i didn't think i would find one that would flatter both my belly and my booty, but i DID! i tried it on and it wasn't big enough, so i had to order it online, but i got it and it fits me pretty good. i still have room for 2 weeks worth of growing. hopefully it works out great! i'm so excited for the big day. and it's starting early, so we don't have to be nervous and stressed till 4pm like most weddings.

well this is gotten way longer than expected and i need to take my walk.