Friday, January 8, 2010


dear blog land,
i'm uninspired to blog. 

comment your ideas for me to blog.  what do you want to know about me and my family or my home or salon? shoot them at me, PLEASE


Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Seriously - I'm full of ideas,

the story of maggie & kylie, the 3 trailer story, fabulous hairstyles everyone should try, a feature on your hairstylists b/c I too love them both, funny stories of growing up, your love of me your mentor and super great big sister, projects you are working on, 10 things you love, dreams of the salon you want or shop you want, hillary, living in a trailer in the winter & in the trailer park which is classy ;), the bedroom do over, better pictures of the great things you have - collections

ok i'm stopping now - considering how talented and creative you are with glitter I'd think you'd be a blog a holic!

Jillian said...

you should blog about the things and people that have made you who you are today :)