Thursday, April 29, 2010

this is embarassing...

what i am about to show you is horrible! it's something that we frequently try to keep up on but, we always fail and it looks like this again. not to mention two major events we're working for and we both wait til last minute. so are you ready?  ready to cringe?  ready for all mothers' to be ashamed?

Yes, that is our craft table at the salon.  But out of this mess and chaos comes these beauties that we call our own.  It's a mess that haunts us daily, but the joy we get out of our crafts is worth it.  Each piece has a piece of us in it, and the wreaths seriously probably have my skin in them from the HOT glue gun burning me to pieces! 

Jewelry by Casey

Wreaths by Maggie

Jewelry by Maggie

Baby headbands by Maggie and Casey, but mostly Casey

These are all things for Ethel Edith Spring SHOW and for Bowling for Boobs!  Hope you like and you come out to support these events! 

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

disco one

This is the cut and color we learned and yes we paid $225 for it too!

disco 1.  let's just say the class started off with "try to have an open mind"  when the instructor said that, casey said she knew we were screwed.  then they pulled out these bad boys and we really knew we were screwed.  these are called disconnected haircuts.  they can probably be pulled off in a big city, but in shelbyville, they're just going to look like a seriously messed up cut.  with long pieces randomly with 3" pieces above the ear.  it was no so pretty.  we were pretty bummed because we were SO excited to have a hands on color AND cut class.  even though the disco 1 was bust, we still had fun and learned some new techniques from it.  

 who wants it?!

such goof balls

in the hotel after we rinsed out the color THREE hours later.  we are dorks.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Chicago Hair Show!

it's been a week!  SORRY!  i don't have internet at home and it wouldn't work at work.  so finally...the chicago hair show.  

so here's the story...casey and i decided to go to the show forever ago. then we finally registered and decided to take two classes.  one-PERFECT BLONDES and two- COLOR CUTTING.  note: the show costs about $115, one class was $50, and the other...$225!!  So we have a lot invested in this trip, not to mention a hotel, parking, and taxis.  Well the week before, Casey and Brett( her fiance) and his family decided to go to the Smokey Mountains.   Then we realized they were leaving the day before the show!  We about lost it.  She was super bummed because she really wanted to go to the mountains, but had over 400 invested in the chi trip.  so after some brain storming, they decided she could do both!  YAY!  so after the show i had to take her to the airport to fly down to TN.  it was planned and we were we thought!  

with GPS in tow, printed directions, and a bag full of change we were off.  the trip started off good.  we stopped about 30mins out of the city to fill up on gas and a potty break.  While we were there we both got compliments on our hair *bonus!*  then the journey into darkness began.  Oh goodness I can’t even express how much I dislike the city, and neither of us had ever driven in the madness before!  So at first it was going good, the gps was great, then one wrong turn…and there we were under the streets of CHI town in tunnels.  GPS having no idea where we are, we have no idea where we are, and a homeless man asking for change at the stop light.  we were freaking out and speeding toward the light of the sun.  finally after ½ hour of driving in circles we made it to the hotel!  We had 50% off parking, so we parked and headed up to check in.  at the desk we were told the shuttle to the show didn’t start for TWO more hours and self-park is NOT 50% off…not such a good start.  Oh well, we hitched a cab to the show.  We had a crazy lazy eyed man with a long “coke” nail.  He flew through the city like Batman! Going top speeds of 40mph between stop signs and locking up our seat belts at each stop!  It was quite the adventure.  Our total was $10.35, we only had one single so the man only got a $0.65 tip.  Sorry man!  Here’s our first cab ride.  Sorry about my massive face! 

More of the trip to come!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hello again bloggers

ahh, a free minute.  i've been super busy AND i'm not able to snag internet from a neighbor anymore.  therefore, this is LONG over due.  luckily downtown has free internet and my salon is able to pick it up :) 

so, lots on my plate right now.  i've currently rearranged the living room and miss caroline's room.  however the living room is still rocking bunnies and chicks and caroline's room is full of disassembled little baby things.  SO, no pictures today!  i love the new layout in both rooms and it's a nice change of pace.  i'm really loving this weather and can't wait til drag out my patio furniture and fix up my yard.  last year kylie and i worked hard on creating a flowerbed down the side of the patio.  i loved having flowers, but i hate watering plants.  but we moved so i don't even have to worry about it.  i will however have lots of potted plants.  i think a beautiful bright flower adds so much to an otherwise drab patio.  so watch out trailer park, i'll be the trailer adorned with flowers! 

in other news, i went to chicago with one of my besties.  we had such a good time.  we both however hate chicago and it's traffic, but we had fun.  i have to blog about that trip seperate, because it's one in it's own.  but on the topic of miss casey.  she's engaged and getting married next april.  i'm super excited!  she's asked me to stand up with her and i'm very happy to be a part of it.  i know it is going to be a BEAUTIFUL wedding with lots of detail.  she's found THE dress, so a road trip is in order. she's such a fun sweetie and this dress screams her name!  so excited!

miss caroline is almost 8 months old now!  i can't believe it.  and like my friend jillian, i'm also going to have to start formula.  it makes me super sad, but she's not getting enough from just me.  my little miss is rolling all over the place and i know in no time she'll be crawling then running! she's so fun and it's the best.  we've been so blessed to have her.  she's such a good baby and her cousins love her dearly.  she is aubrie's "best friend." aubrie frequently calls caroline on her "cell" phone and laughs and says "oh caroline you're so funny"  it's too sweet!  i'm so happy that our kids are close and that they love each at least! haha  

well my client will be here shortly, but i'll try to update soon.  look forward to blogs about necklaces, my house, chicago, ethel edith, and more!