Tuesday, December 30, 2008

what the what what?!

so i was completely wrong with my week count of the pregnancy! i'm apparently 1 day away from week 7! do you know what this means?! almost 2 months down! i can't believe it. i was completely unaware that you go from the first day of your last cylce...NOT ovulation. how crazy. so our little baby is no where near the letter "o" that we thought it was. it has arm and leg buds! next week i have an appointment and i'm so excited. i will for sure have an ultrasound. kylie and i are so pumped. he's still a little nervous, but he's warming up and thinking about names and such, now if we only knew what it was! haha. so here's a little picture of what it looks like at the moment and a little write up about it, courtesy of parents.com...p.s. it says "she" but we have no idea what it is or what it will be. my sister and friend hillary are certain it's a girl though. i'm blessed with either one. i would love a girl, but i would also love a baby boy with lots of its cousin everett's baby clothes!

Although she still resembles a tiny alien, your baby's facial features are starting to form. Arms, legs, hands, and feet are taking shape, although they don't yet have fingers and toes. The brain is growing more complex; if you looked through a microscope, it would be clearly visible through the transparent skull. The embryo has started to move in small jerks, although you won't feel these until the fourth month.

i'm so excited...*tears of joy*

hi hillary and ashley! i'm so glad i can offer some entertainment for you during your long day with the fujitsu! haha, i'll never forget how dreadful that machine is, and the JOB! loves!

Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas

so i had a wonderful christmas! lots of fabulous gifts and family. the best part was that my sister got ENGAGED! woo hoo! we've been waiting for ever and he finally did it! she didn't tell anyone until we got to my parents then she pulled out her beautiful 2 caret diamond solitaire. absolutely stunning. then as we were unwrapping my mom opened a fairy jar from kylie and i. it had a little baby inside with wings and the jar said baby daniel. my mom was so confused. then my oldest sister shouted "A BABY?!" yup thats right, i'm prego! i'm four weeks! i'm going to the dr. january 8th to find out more. but i think my due date is somewhere in late august to early september. SO thats the big news! what a wonderful christmas. God has blessed my family so much! Merry Christmas! please pray for my sister and the wedding planning and for kylie and i with our little baby. btw its the size of this letter o right now! crazy small right?!

Friday, December 12, 2008

christmas tagging

1) Egg Nog or Hot Chocolate? hot chocolate for sure, egg nog just sounds nasty.

2) Does Santa wrap presents or just sit them under the tree? at my house, they were unwrapped. and it was so awesome!

3) Colored lights or white? i love both kinds, but right now i'm on a white light kick.

4) Do you hang mistletoe? no, but my grandmas toots does every year. my uncles used to pin me under it and i HATED getting kisses.

5) When do you get out your decorations? thanksgiving day! it's a new tradition i started, kylie works so i decorate.

6) Favorite holiday dish, excluding dessert? aunt judy's homemade noodles.

7) Favorite holiday memory as a child? having a christmas lunch at my house then all my cousins coming over to play games after dinner. such a blast!

8) When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? probably from my sisters. annie is 5 years older than me, so it happened. that and he came to my grandmas on christmas eve and my cousin and i caught him leaving in a van! haha

9) Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? i used to at my parents. we always got p.j.s it was fun.

10) How do you decorate your trees? i'm all about lighting. i put on strand of lights on each row of branches. i weave it through each branch. then i load it up with lots and lots of ornaments! my tree=excessive

11) Snow, love it or hate it? love it, until its 6" deep and very hard to drive

12) Can you ice skate? yes. we had skates when i was little and we would skate on the frozen ditches. what country kids we were.

13) Do you remember your favorite gift? i have a favorite gift every year! kylie does pretty good, but no one can top my mom!

14) What is the most important thing about the holidays for you? Jesus and family

15) Favorite Holiday dessert? ohhhh, my aunt jennifer's sugar cookies and chocolate covered kix!

16) Favorite Christmas tradition? Christmas eve at Grandma Toots'! its always the same and i haven't missed it in 22 years!

17) What tops your tree? a hot pink feather flower

18) What's better giving or receiving? i'm not going to lie, i like receiving! haha i love giving too, but quit lying, you love the presents too you group of turds!

19) Favorite Christmas song? I celebrate the day-relient k listen its pretty amazing

20) Candy Canes, yummy or yucky? YUMMY i love the cinnamon ones

21) What do you want for Christmas? a rocking recliner and awesome house stuff for an awesome house someday

22) Do you attend an annual Christmas Party?uhhh, no. kylie and i aren't into hanging out with his drunken co-workers at a bar.

23) Do you dress up for Christmas eve? a little, not super fancy. just a cute sweater

24) Do you own a Santa Hat? yes, its at the shop on my deer head

25) Who do you normally spend Christmas with? kylie, the daniel family in the a.m. and my family in the p.m. its the best of both worlds..

i tag jillian! and anyone else who's not participated

Monday, December 8, 2008

everyone's doing it

here's my christmas decor! oh, this is my favorite time to decorate! my great grandma grace used to go all out at her house. the inside and outside were hardcore decorated. my mom said christmas music played inside and outside! it was so decked out that people would come and see it, like the festival of lights, only at my great grandparents house. my grandma toots, held up with the tradition for awhile, but then her age got to her, so no more. she does have fab-o-lous stuff though. i'm pretty sure glitter is in our blood. i've seen my great grandmas stuff, my grandmas, and my mothers, and my siblings. i'm pretty sure it runs through us! haha. anyway, heres some pictures.

this is our tree.

this is above our kitchen sink. the little village houses are from my grandma toots.this is our kitchen window. winter wonderland!
this is above our lovely avacado fridge.

Friday, December 5, 2008

bad blogger

so i did really good in the beginning, now i've slacked off! so sorry blog friends. life has been busy, even though you're a part of my everyday routine, i don't type one up for you. so here ya go.

thanksgiving was great. the last two years have been untraditional for me and my family, but i like it. kylie works on most holidays, the news NEVER stops, so the last two years i've decorated for christmas. last year by myself, this year with my mom and sister. it was fun. then we went to my parents for an italian feast. then on friday i had my first crazy black friday experience! tiff and amanda talked me into 3am departure! it was crazy, but so much fun. i really didn't feel to tired until it was time to come home. a whole day of shopping done and home by 10am! that's just crazy. but i got awesome deals!

so, i love december! i like cold weather, its my birthday month, and christmas! how could you go wrong. it's such a perfect month. so i'll be 22 on the 19th. i'm spending the 18th at my sister's house to celebrate my birth as well as my neice. she'll be 3. she was born on the 20. what a great gift she was! then on my birthday we're driving to KY. it's a 8hour drive. not so great, but i can continue to say all day "but it's my birthday" and drive everyone nuts. j/k tiff! and CHRISTMAS! yay! i love it so much. it's my favorite time of the year. the decorations, traditions, family, gift giving, and of course JESUS. perfection.

on another note. little hazel got fixed today. she went in at 9 and was done by 11ish. because she is so little and they got done early she got to come home tonight. she's so tired and worn out. she's been sleeping next to us for a long time. we both got off the couch and she whined for us to come back. she just wants us. i love her.

well the pizza is here so i better jet. have a great weekend. i'll try and stay on top of this better. (that's what she said?) :)