Friday, January 15, 2010

neighborly fun

so my brother in law and his friend recently opened up a new land surveying office in my building's back room.  they have a very quaint little office and we share a hallway and bathroom.  they officially were up and running january 4th...and that's when the harassment began.  first week, jade pokes his head through our beaded curtain doorway and asked if i'd been in the back.  i told him yeah i'd seen it, looks good.  he just grins real big and says ok and goes back to his office.  later i went back to the bathroom and discovered something very similar to this, hanging from the purple bathroom's door!

it cracked me up big time.  jade and jake really got a kick out of it.  it's still hanging on the door, i mean it's their bathroom too! 

so the UFC poster was the beginning.  we both leave the doors to our businesses open to help with air flow.  one day we went in and all the power was off.  jade starts yelling to turn up the heat and i told him not possible b/c all downtown was out.  they start laughing and claim they have power.  so we go back and they're both just grining and typing away on their laptops.  what goobers.  we often frequent eachothers' businesses and give eachother crap.  it's all in good fun and it's nice to have some new faces around.  like i said we share a bathroom.  i went back one time to discover unflushed man pee.  i stopped in and told them no more peeing and evacuating.  they both denied it.  i said i KNEW it was one of them b/c three women that use toilet paper.  jade tells me it was jake, and i totally knew it b/c i saw him go in there earlier. 
as i mentioned early, a beaded curtain doorway...jade and brittany complain about it so i finally took it down.  then the plan developed to hang it over the boys' hall door, now we just had to wait for them to leave.  which is NEVER.  but yesterday we had our chance.  i went to check and they were gone, i ran down the hall yelling it's GO time!  and our trap was set!

almost two hours later the boys finally came back.  jake went to go pee and POW beads!  it was priceless.  i took them down later so they wouldn't have to deal with them.  it was a fun prank though.

all in all, i really enjoy having them back there.  it helps when we're slow to break up our time going to chat and just get a change in scenery.  i love my brother in law and it's nice to see him daily.  today they were out and i was solo and slow so i did some major cleaning.  since i was mopping anyway, i visited good ol' hammond and reid and cleaned them up.  it was supposed to be a random act of kindness, but they caught me.  i think they first thought i was pulling another prank but actually i was helpin a brother out. 
good luck h&r, i pray you're very successfull in your new business!

*all pictures from flickr*


Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

That's so funny! Jade just thinks he's hilarious with his UFC poster!

Thank you for cleaning their office b/c it was dirty. I tried to show Jade how to mop & he just dumped pinsol on the floor - no water! It's obvious that I have spoiled him far too much!

elise said...

how much fun!!!
btw, i fixed my problem with following you... since you changed your url, or whats'it, i had to stop following you and then start following you again! i think you may have to do that for mine too, because i had changed mine as well.... anyway, thanks for tagging me in the honesty award bit, and i'll get on it now:O)

just_me_tiff said...

I had to do that too Elise! I just figured it out yesterday. Keep us updated on the pranks Mags