Thursday, May 13, 2010

growing like a weed

our little miss is growing up!  she's trying to crawl with all her might, but just can't get it figured out.  even though she can't crawl, she's ALL over the place.  the other day i sat her down, ran to the bathroom and came back to find her here.  completely in a new location, under her jumperoo.
OH HI mom!  i'm just hangin out.  
note her BIG girl jammies.  i love them but it kills me she so big!

caroline is also trying to wave and trying to say "HI" but just comes out as a shouting HAAA!  she shouts "ma ma and da da" all the time.  we recently lowered her crib and put the bumpers back up b/c she kept scooting to the edge and hanging her legs out then screaming because she was caught.  her newest thing is to scoot to the corner, pick up the monitor and shout into it. i guess she's figured out that if she shouts, we will come.

she recently got her FIRST tooth!  yes, first tooth at 8 1/2 months old!  she got it on mother's day and i was THRILLED!  she's mashing steamed carrots and eating cheerios like a champ.  but for some reason, chunk of bananas are nasty, but smashed bananas are tasty.
on mother's day.  yes, i did cut my hair and go blonder. she was not cooperating very well here.

i can't help myself, my daughter is BEAUTIFUL!

p.s. please keep my best friend hillary in your prayers.  she gets induced saturday!  i'll keep you posted!


Jillian said...

she is so gorgeous.
She and Cash would be a pair--he is getting into everything and trying to chew all that he can with his three teeth (he has the two canines coming in and one in the middle on the bottom!) Thank you so much for the necklace, I am going to write a proper thank you on my blog soon! :)
miss you!

just_me_tiff said...

she is so beautiful! I love her so much :)
I keep getting so excited seeing her in crawl position but then she just ends up on her butt! She is so close!

Anonymous said...

Dang she is cute! I wish I could have met her in person.

Your hair is ADORABLE!


Steven said...

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