Friday, May 28, 2010

have a hay day

literally!  kylie has been bailing hay going on day FOUR!  it's terrible.  it's not like let's bail hay for a couple hours, it's like let's bail hay for twelve hours and not get home til midnight.  if you are not familiar with hay bailing i'll fill you in.  you can't start bailing when there is rain in the forecast because it's a several day process. first you cut the hay and let it dry for a day.  then you rake(flips the hay to dry the under side) then you can bail it.  this is the rig, sorry it's blurry.

yup, tractor, baler, wagon, with people!  but our boys don't have a nice cab tractor, they're just sweatin it.  so you have to have guys on the wagon to catch the bails and start stacking them.  then you get done with a field and have this.

which is usually like four wagons from a field.  then when you get done with it all you can sell it now, or do what the boys do and store it and sell it in the winter.  so they have to store it in a big barn...also, if the hay is too wet because it got rained on or didn't dry out all the way you can't store it in stacks because it gets hot and causes fires.  then usually burns down barns, i've seen it happen twice!   the worst part for kylie is that it's like 90 out the sun is beaming on him and he's workin his tail off!  worst part for me is that i'm a single mom for awhile and i have a washer full of hay.  so in four days, how many bails? it looks a lot like this.
i'm not 100% sure, but yesterday from one field they bailed more than the 2 days before.  so i'm guess close to 1000 if not more!  it's super crazy.  super long, HOT HOT HOT days.

i'm super proud of him though.  he never did any sort of physical labor til he met me and now he's bailing like a champ.  he does it for me and caroline, so we can have the things we love.  he does it because he loves us and wants to make sure that we are financially stable no matter what happens.  he is amazing husband and a terrific dad.  he misses caroline so much he sorta teared up in bed last night, don't tell him i said that.  he is the best!  he's a very handsome man already, but when it's hay season he gets even better looking.  tan and guns!

p.s. i'm a terrible speller, so yes, it should be bale...not bail.  english and spelling were my worst subjects.  sorry mom.


Janie Fox said...

we'll make a farmer outta him yet! PS It is bale hay not bail little farm girl! hehe

just_me_tiff said...

I remember in high school when he didn't want to go out in the sun AT ALL so he could be as white as possible! LOL

Anonymous said...

I think my husband and I would have been good farmers...we always say to each other "is it too late to become Amish"....LOL??

Tell your mom I said hi.

elise said...

poor fella!
but i'm sure the guns and tan will be mighty enjoyable!
i think tiffany's comment sounds hysterical and needs more explanation:OD