Monday, May 17, 2010

heaven in a plastic bag

so now that i'm only really nursing caroline in the morning and before bed, i've decided it's time to loose the nursing bras! woo hoo! i've been waiting for this moment for MONTHS!  so i pulled out my old bras and discovered my tots are not the same tots they were a 18 months ago.  so i got by for awhile with my cheap wal mart bras, but i couldn't do it any longer.  i went to kohl's and tried on 12 bras!  not a single one fit.  one side is smaller than the other and it was not working out for me there.  so i asked my sister and they both said victoria's secret.  well, i'm cheap.  i like a bra that cost $10.  i know, i know it's something i wear EVERY day and it's extremely necessary, so why not invest.  so i finally broke down and ordered.  i got 4 bras and 5 pairs of underwear.  i spent about $120, but it was WELL worth it.  plus both my sisters have had their VS bras for FOUR years.  so i could justify it.  plus getting 2/$45 was pretty great deal considering most bras start at $45.  so feast your eyes on this!

a lovely cotton push up, and yes a push up is definitely needed after 9 months of nursing!  and my favorite part is this....
it has a little hook that turns it into a racer back!  SCORE!  it also adds a little lift ;) 

i'm in love with victoria's secret.  i will no longer go back to the cheap cheap bras from wal mart or kohls.

hello victoria, it's nice to do business with you!


pink camo, palm, scattered dots, and nude are all very pretty too :)

They have some pretty fantastic bathing suits, but i don't even want to begin thinking about those!


Nicky said...

I like Fredricks of Hollywood bras. They have my size, too (I'm apparently not big enough for VS). We have each store in our mall, so I have had a chance to try on some of both, and FoH employees aren't near as snobby. ;o) LOL

just_me_tiff said...

I think I'd be in the same boat Nicky! But our nearest Fredricks is pretty far from here...