Tuesday, May 25, 2010

etsy update

so i started my etsy a couple weeks ago.  in the first week i was featured in TWO treasuries, and one was on the FRONT page!  it was super exciting to say the least!  also in my first week i sold three items.  

This went to the big state of TEXAS!

This went to our neighbor state, INDIANA!

AND, this bad boy went across the pond to the UNITED KINGDOM!

Yup, first week, three sales, one international!  I was super pumped.  Since then, I've been featured in another treasury and have had a few custom orders.  Life is good in the etsy world.  Please check it out and support those who make gorgeous things all from their blessed hands!  check me out too,  Caroline's Nest.   I ordered sweet business cards, but i'm still waiting!


just_me_tiff said...

woohoo! you are big time now!

elise said...

how exciting!!!!