Thursday, April 29, 2010

this is embarassing...

what i am about to show you is horrible! it's something that we frequently try to keep up on but, we always fail and it looks like this again. not to mention two major events we're working for and we both wait til last minute. so are you ready?  ready to cringe?  ready for all mothers' to be ashamed?

Yes, that is our craft table at the salon.  But out of this mess and chaos comes these beauties that we call our own.  It's a mess that haunts us daily, but the joy we get out of our crafts is worth it.  Each piece has a piece of us in it, and the wreaths seriously probably have my skin in them from the HOT glue gun burning me to pieces! 

Jewelry by Casey

Wreaths by Maggie

Jewelry by Maggie

Baby headbands by Maggie and Casey, but mostly Casey

These are all things for Ethel Edith Spring SHOW and for Bowling for Boobs!  Hope you like and you come out to support these events! 


Tiny Treasures said...

What you said about your skin being in the wreaths made me laugh :)

Abbie said...

i love those wreaths....i really do!