Monday, May 24, 2010

caroline's room take two

back in november i posted a blog of caroline's room.  my sister said it was terrible and it didn't show off any of the great things i have.  so, since i've rearranged, here is caroline's room...again.  note this is a very photo heavy blog :)

when you first enter caroine's room, you see her crib.  my mom got this at an outlet store for $100!  it goes into a toddler bed then a full size headboard.  it won't ever get much farther than a toddler bed because her siblings will need it.  but i love this bed, and my bedding. my aunt made it out of a bed in a bag from walmart!

above her crib hangs a branch.  i saw it in pottery barn kids, and loved it.  it wasn't for sale, but i knew i could make it.  i live in a trailer park so there are very little trees to choose from besides evergreens.  but luckily i had a small tree behind us, so i literally cut a branch off with a steak knife!  haha!  then i spray painted it white.  i stuck moss, birds, and paper leaves and butterflies on it.  i hung it up and i still LOVE it!

to the right of her crib is this wall.  i just recently got the old pictures.  i love the little girls smile and so i bought them.  the "C" is from my mom.

to the left of the doorway is her dresser/changing table.  i still feel like the wall is a little bare, but i don't know what to do.  the wall is in bad shape and i'm afraid pictures will draw attention to it, but carlie is crazy hands when she gets her pants changed.  next to that is the rocker from my mom, i got it at my shower.  kylie uses it to rock carlie to sleep.  above that is her chandy night lite...i love it!  sorry the pic is blurry...
just above the rocker is a frame i made.  i'm not sure what the quote says..something about a little bird.  oops!  and next to that is a FANTASTIC chalk bird my mom got from her friend.  

to the right of the changing area is her massive closet.  the doors were super ugly and super TAN!  so i found these at target and snazzed them up!

to the right of the closet is her small book case and small collections.  my dear friend casey  made the little bird mobile.  i got it at my shower and almost cried.  she knows me perfectly.

here is the top shelf.  it's actually a crate and my mom put a cute little topper on it and it used to have little legs, but she took them off so i could hang it.

here are some of my favorite things.  i made this doll for caroline when she was just in my belly.  i loved it when i made it and i love it now. i hope she loves it when she gets bigger. until now it's on the shelf!

this is a book my mom bought a LONG time ago, i remember it when i was at her house.  she gave it to me at my shower and i cried.  
now the bottom shelf, it holds books and frames and other things 

i got this little couple at an amazing store in decatur.  i just love them, they are reproductions, but they don't look like it!  my mom was so jealous, i had to go back and get them for her too.  oh by the way they were only 30 bucks!  marked down 50%!

and this is the baby scale my sweet miss got pictures on when she was 2 weeks old.  melts me!  photo by jarnagin photography

and this is her room!

hope you enjoyed a tour of my sweet caroline's room.  hope it meets your standards annie :)


Janie Fox said...

That baby would make any room beautiful! The room looks good! Glad you got the pictures hung:)

just_me_tiff said...

I love her room :)

Annie @ The House That Jade Built said...

Much better - did you know you can make those pictures X-large by clicking on them? It helps too!

elise said...

so sweet! love it:O)
and that picture of her on the scale is priceless!