Friday, May 21, 2010


ok, so i shared my dream house with you.  and it's the house i plan on building next summer.

i truly love it.  the only problem is a garage.  my dad doesn't think it's possible. so we're thinking a breeze way FULL of windows to the garage.  which a breeze way full of windows wouldn't be so bad when you have a view of this

these are pictures from my sister's house, but mine is just through the trees from her house, so i stole the pics.  thanks annie!

i really want a dreamy storybook home.  with ivy like this...
and a fantastic curved door like this!
oh man,  i am so anxious to build.  i would do it this summer if we had saved enough.  so i'll keep saving and use all my saved money for all the fantastic details i want! 

if you have time check this out.  they are BEAUTIFUL story book homes.  i mean ah-maze-zing!  they are just like they say, story book!  i am ordering a plan book just to see. but the one i LOVED from story book homes looks a LOT like the one i already picked.  so i think i'll stick with the original. 


just_me_tiff said...

those houses are truly fabulous!

gena said...

LOVE the purple arched door !!!!!!!

How fun to be planning this journey - enjoy !

gena in nj