Saturday, October 11, 2008

saturday! saturday!

this is my oldest sister, Annie, and her two kids, Aubrie-2years 10 months, and Everett-14 months. they are both named after their great grandpas. i'm talking about them in my blog so i want you to know what they look like.

ok. i'm pretty sure everyone is under the impression that saturdays are for sleeping in late, having a lazy afternoon with maybe a nap, then a fun filled night of excitement. right?! as i've grown up i've discovered differently. saturdays=work and if its not your job then your house. saturdays are the days you do all your chores to catch up from the slacking you've done through out the week.

today i got up at 8am(which, is sleeping in to most, but to me it's like any other day-i got to work at 10 people! why get up at 6?!) anyway, i went to my sisters' house. loaded up her 2 kids, drove to mattoon. went to the eye doctor to fix miss aubrie's glasses. then we went to aldi and got groceries. both of us with heaping carts with rat kids who just wanted to eat the food, not shop for it. after that we both loaded all the stuff in the jeep, then we both, somehow ran over our feet with the carts! OUCH! anyway, ran through a drive-thru then headed home. while in the middle of the country(no bathrooms anywhere for miles) my almost 3yr old niece decides she needs to take a shadoobie. so guess who gets to hold her while she tries to go?! oh ME! well she was unsuccessful. ANYWAY...after i helped annie unload her groceries, i head to my house to do the same.

to sum up my story, i put up groceries, dusted the whole trailer, cleaned the bathroom sink, toilet, shower, and kitchen sink. then i did a load of laundry and put it away. then i went to my mom's friend's house to help my mom load up the stuff she didn't sell at her flea market.(FYI-my mom broke her shoulder 8weeks ago. she's doing fine now, i'll elaborate on it in another blog) now, at 5pm i'm writing a blog. saturdays aren't for relaxing and fun. they're for the stink jobs you don't want to do after you get home from work. i might not have to be lazy through the week so i can relax on sat.

p.s. kylie got up at 4am friday to go to work-worked till 2, came home did dishes and laundry took the dog for a walk, hung out w/ family and didn't go to bed till 11pm. woke up at 8 and went to help my dad's uncle bob(who looks identical to a california rasin! its amazing, i HAVE to post photos b/c you won't believe it) he is still helping him and won't be home till after dark. kylie is an amazing man. he's grown so much since we've been married. i never thought there would be a day when he would be doing farm stuff and enjoying it. but that day came a LONG time ago. i love him.


Denise said...

your Saturday was still a lot more productive than my saturday. I haven't done any chores. ): I'll probably do them tonight and regret not doing them earlier. Typical Sunday around here (: