Friday, October 17, 2008

quick blog

so i started a blog, and my computer started updating and shut down. i'm happy though. the blog i started was depressing, and some what of a pity party. and i don't want that. there are way worse things that could happen to me, then what i was complaining about. so on a lighter note.

it's FALL! it is so chilly today. kylie and i forgot that trailers don't keep a neutral temp. if the weather changes outside, our trailer does too. today it was only 53 inside! i tried to turn the heat on just to like 60-65 but the pilot light was out. i wouldn't of tried, but we have a little pup and she shivers a lot. i was worried about her when i left. but she was okay. she's inside my sweatshirt right now. sleeping away. i have to go back to work soon, i don't want to leave her. she hates the cage. i let baby olive out today. she's so tiny compared to hazel! she did really good. no accidents in her cage that i could see. she went outside and peed on the concrete. she doesn't like the grass. then she ate a little bit and wanted held. i took her out again, but nothing. so i put the cryin pup back in the cage. then went to tend to my pup. who was good, also. well this has been random. but now back to work. have a great weekend!


staceelianna said...

awww puppies are so cute!! i want to meet yours!

Nicky said...

Poor Olive! My kids didn't like grass or sand when they were "pups" either...LOL I remember the best times going to the beach for me was when the boys were under 2 years old...they hated the sand (like, they'd cry if they touched it), and so they would never leave the beach blanket! It was great! (As in, I never had to worry about them running off and/or drowning...LOL) Now, though, they all love that kind of stuff and I just fret & worry. *sigh*