Monday, October 20, 2008

long time no blog...

hello blog world. what to write? i don't have any epiphanies or anything inspirational, just stuff.

so the weekend was pretty good. i worked on saturday then when i came home my husband had 6 buckets of tar mixed. he was ready to get up on roofs and smear it around. i'm thankful he was prepared. i really wasn't in the mood and i had a headache but i did it anyway. and since he mixed the buckets already he could help me do almost every roof. it was awesome. my dad was very thankful we got it done! hopefully, he'll pull through on the shed for me. but after he gets done harvesting. sunday was good. we slept in and missed sunday school, but we made it to church. luckily we have the book for sunday school, so we just missed out on the conversations. church was good. we're doing a series on LO$T, its about finances and how God has plans for them. so it's good. me and kylie are trying to save $$$$$ to build a house and start a family, so we NEED this! after church we went to the daniel house. it was good. i was a little tired and stressed with millie and the two puppies. hazel tends to be grouchy, so i was worried about that. she also barks when she wants to play and it was freaking olive out. so, again, nervous. overall, good weekend.

today, i went and switched our verizon account to my name. it's been in my mom's name for 2 years! the bill always came to kylie and me, but if verizon wanted to change something or add something, they had to talk to my mom. bummer. then i went to the dentist. it went good! NO cavities! then my mom and i went to effingham and went shopping! talk about deals! i got some cute boots for $30(orig. $60), jeans for $13!, and a super cute vest for $11! it was SWEET! i means with prices that low, i couldn't afford NOT to buy them! haha, that's my motto! it's not a very good one when you're trying to save. well this "short" blog is getting long and kylie is home from work. gotta start dinner! have a great week!