Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here we go....

so i'm a first time blogger. i'll start off saying that i hate using "shift" key, so nothing will be capitalized. i'll also note that "random thoughts of a redhead" is very fitting for me. i tend to jump from one subject to the next without thinking twice, so stick with me!

today was a pretty eventful day. i worked then totally rearranged the shop for a PURSE PARTY! then put it back together, went to bible study(FABULOUS), then watched the OFFICE(also fab!) the party was a success, one free purse for each of the girls at work and myself. that's three "to-die-for" purses, FREE! plus, two people booked parties, so that's $50 credit! i'm so pumped about.

bible study: wow. i'm so thankful tiffany and nicole decided to do this. although i was a little nervous about it, it is amazing. i love Jesus and i have faith in Him however, i'm not very knowledgable, so that's what made me nervous. but it's truely amazing. and i kept from crying tonight! (FYI-i'm very emotional) tiff and i have been having some good talks on stuff and it's really great. God is working on each of us so much, and i can see it already. if you haven't checked out tiff's blog she's had some really great blogs on lessons. tonight we talked about a lot of things. but what really stood out to me was when we told how God has worked in our lives when we've totally trusted in Him. it's crazy to see how good we felt when we just gave it all to Him, instead of worrying or stressing about it ourselves. God LOVES us and wants us to come to Him FIRST. but we don't, then we end up wasting so much time for nothing. take it to Him and He will work it out.

well i believe this is it for today. hope you liked the first entry!


just_me_tiff said...

Maggie! this is such a great first blog. I'm excited about the bible study as well!

Denise said...

awww Maggie, I agree with Tiff! this is an amazing first blog!

I can't wait to read all the great things that God will do in your life (: (: