Thursday, October 23, 2008

it's raining cats and dogs

not literally, but it's been raining all afternoon. it's been pretty slow at work. it bugs me a little, but i know it will pick up. plus, i like having time to chat online or sitting and chatting with the girls at work. tonight i made a big dinner and had kolby and tiff over along with aaron. it was nice. i like doing stuff like that. i like to cook a lot and to have people over to enjoy besides just kylie and i. it's nice. they enjoyed it too, i hope! we have bible study tonight. i'm very excited for it! it's so good to have a set time in my schedule where i meet up with the girls and talk about God. i've never had that before, and i really enjoy it. sometimes i wish we had it every week. but now we're going to have craft night on the weeks we don't have study. so we'll get our girl time in and make some sweet things.

i have a prayer request. my couisn, zac, an his wife, monica had their 2nd son today. he is only 29 weeks old. she had a lot of complications throughout the pregnancy and God has worked miracles. until 4 weeks ago he had a cyst on the back of his neck and they thought he was going to have lymphatic problems and possibly downs syndrome. 4 weeks ago, it was all gone. the cyst disappeared. his body was proportioned. he was bigger then average. God is amazing. two days ago monica's water broke. they gave her shots for his lungs to develop and were hoping to keep the baby in the womb for a longer period. unfortunately, he was breech. so they had to do a emergency c-section. today, baby zavier norvel hankins was born. he weighs 3.17 oz. he's a tall skinny little man but he is doing well along with his mother. please pray for him to continue to grow and be strong. he has an older brother, zayne who loves him so much.

new subject! i'm really good at this random thoughts thing. my dad is almost done harvesting! yay! he's a great dad. i really miss riding in the combine with him when i was little. now he doesn't even drive the combine. he's the semi guy now. he'll still be busy when harvest is over, but not as crazy. he has cattle too. he has to get them all ready for winter. this is usually the time when they are starting to have babies. aww, baby cows. they are so cute. here's a picture of my dad. his name is stuart, but everyone calls him stu. aubrie and everett are with him. they call him PA! he was fixing the combine. okay. time for the bible study. goodnight!


staceelianna said...

maggie, i love reading your posts! they always make me smile! [and miss IL haha] hope you had a good bible study!! <3

Denise said...

i truly can't wait for that tractor ride (:

just_me_tiff said...

the dinner was AWESOME!!