Tuesday, October 14, 2008

i'm blessed

this is my friend hillary. i saw her today. we've been best friends for roughly 15 years. since kindergarten. i talk about her a little bit, but here's a face to go with a name.

today was a good day. not like every other day isn't good, but today was good. i worked, blah blah blah....today is good because i have great people in my life. i work with two great people. they care about me and i care about them. we goof around together and tease each other, and eat LOTS of candy. and we do each others' hair for FREE, whenever! so that's good. i also have a great family. i'm very fortunate because some people don't. i talk to my mom and at least one of my sisters everyday. i see my in-laws or talk to them everyday. i'm blessed. i love when one of them pops in at work to say hi, or when they call just to say they love me. my dad does that a lot. he's a busy man so we don't get to see him very much. i like harvest and planting season because he drives a tractor or a semi all day, so he calls to chat or just to say "i love you" it's nice. i also have great friends. they are all very supportive people. when i'm concerned about something, they're concerned too. i love that. today was just good. work was good, saw my sister, annie, talked to sister, abbie, saw my mom(twice), went to see my best friend, hillary, with her mom and my mom. we ate dinner, it was good. *she's an awesome friend. we've been through a lot together. she can always crack me up. it stinks b/c she lives 45 mins away, but we talk a lot on the phone and she comes over for lunch once a week. (she works in town)* after dinner we went back to her and her husbands house and chatted. then i came home to a good husband. and awesome friendship bread that my amazing sister, tiffany, made for me. because i forgot to bake it today, plus i hate baking. i'm blessed.

you're blessed too, just think of the reasons why, and you'll be flooded with answers! God loves you!


just_me_tiff said...

sounds like you had a pretty amazing day! i love this blog thing, we are better at it then we thought we would be!

Denise said...

i agree with Tiffany!

i want some of that friendship bread ):