Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i'm tired

from a busy weekend. i had a wedding on saturday. my friend ashley got married. it was beautiful. i love fall, so a fall wedding was perfect! very cold, but very pretty. she looked awesome in her dress. and it only cost her $90, AWESOME! kylie filmed the wedding from 9am-9pm, i helped film the ceremony on a tripod. never again. i was so nervous. i don't know how he does that. i mean, you only get one shot and if you screw it up there is NO do over. so i was nervous. kylie said i did a really good job though. that's a plus. here's a few pictures from the wedding.

sunday i went to st. louis to visit my sister and SHOP. it was so fun. i never remember how much i miss her until i see her and have to leave again. she cracks me up. my mom, both sisters, and my niece were there. we shopped sunday and monday! i was pooped when we go home. i did get all of my christmas shopping almost done. i just have to get a few things, but i'll be done after that. i had a blast though. aubrie is so funny. i think i laughed more this weekend then i have in awhile. it was a fun trip, but i was so glad to be home. well off to work i go. have a great day. Kraft Klub tonight! woo hoo!

here's hazel. she's getting big and hairy!


MandaJ said...

aww hazel is still so cute!

Denise said...

where are you?!?