Saturday, November 8, 2008

secret game...

jillian put me up to the challenge sooo... here we go.

the rules are that when you are tagged you have to share 7 things about yourself and then tag 7 other people...

1. for six years of my life i was a cheerleader. yeah that's right. two years were competitive cheerleading. my senior year i got an all-american award. it means i did very good at camp.

2. usually people call dibs on the front seat, but my sisters and i used to call dibs on the front or middle of the bath tub. we all three took baths together and the front was the best. annie usually got the front, then i got the middle, poop abbie got the cold back of the tub.

3. i say "suck it" or "suck it hard" a lot. i don't mean it in a F you kind of way. it's just funny to me. i'm working on toning it down.

4. i love getting snail mail. its so nice to go to the mailbox and it not just be bills. 1000 w.s. 10th #55 shelbyville, il 62565 go ahead, send me some! :)

5. in 1996, i got in a really bad 4-wheeler accident. i had emergency surgery to repair my lung, spleen, and liver. i broke ribs. i was in ICU for 2 days, then a regular room for 3 more days. i watched womens gymnastics. they were incredible. i'm in perfect condition now, just sporting my 6" battle wound on my abdomen.

6. i've had the same best friend for 16 years, hillary. she's great. i have new best friends now, but she's been around the longest, besides my wonderful sisters.

7. i hate to read. i think it was that darn accelerated reader they forced us to do. english was my worst subject then they shoved that down our throats=no books for maggie!

i tag: tiffany, amanda, denise, nicky, stacee, alexis, and nicky's friend that read my blog once. haha


Denise said...

lol Maggie! keep your eye on your mailbox (:

staceelianna said...

LOL that you tagged me i was not expecting that. i love you!! haha.

Alexis said...

I totally did this...and it's so not like me to actually do these.