Tuesday, November 4, 2008

prayer please

so this is going to be kind of a downer for a blog. but my family needs lots of prayer.

to start off, my cousin was killed in a car accident on saturday. he was 17. i was not very close to him. his mom and my cousin got married about 5 years ago. so i've only been around him at christmas and thanksgiving and he was usually hanging out in the basement with the other kids. anyway, its going to be really hard for them. his visitation is tonight and funeral tomorrow. my family from chicago is coming down. they need prayer also. they lost their son/brother/father/uncle about three years ago. he was also killed in a car accident, so this is going to bring up those emotions for them. please pray for the foxes and the orins.

also, my cousin zac and his wife had their baby about 2 weeks ago. he was only 29 1/2 weeks old when he was born. he has truly been a miracle baby. there have been many scares for him throughout the pregnancy, but God has shown through and healed him. he has been breathing on his own, pretty good, but they had to give him CPR 4 times on sunday. please pray for him to get better. they are afraid he might have a syndrome that effects his heart, but the results are in yet. they also have discovered a infection, but they have not pinpointed it yet. please say a pray for baby zavier hankins and his family.

sorry this has kind of been a downer, but i know prayer will work, so i'm spreading the news. have a wonderful day and go out and VOTE!


just_me_tiff said...

sorry mags

Denise said...


I will definitely keep your family in prayer... i'm sorry that this is all going down I will definitely pray that God's strength is upon you and your family.


MandaJ said...

I will definitly be praying!