Friday, November 14, 2008

creative title here.

so it's been awhile since i blogged. i don't really have much to blog about. i'm not feeling profound or anything. so here comes the randomness of my blog that you all love. haha

my dog hazel is getting big. she weighs in at 3.6lbs. that doesn't seem very big, but she's growing. she has to get fixed in december. poor pup. all her baby teeth on the top have fallen out now. its a good thing b/c she was looking like shark teeth pup. haha. she is pretty much potty trained but has her occasional accidents. she gets trusted to stay uncaged all day. so far so good. everytime i come home at lunch she is sleeping on the couch where i left her. then in the evening she is sitting on her box looking out the window at me. shes so fun.

craft night is officially a success. last night i made a peacock feather wreath and a picture on a canvas. it's so much fun. so far i'm made a fairy jar and the two things above. i really need to get on my nieces apron. i highly encourage people to start crafting. it's so much fun. plus i feel more creative then ever! here's some pics


Denise said...

aww you are a craft inspiration! (:

just_me_tiff said...

you added the bird!!

Nicky said...

I love the wreath! Great job!