Friday, December 5, 2008

bad blogger

so i did really good in the beginning, now i've slacked off! so sorry blog friends. life has been busy, even though you're a part of my everyday routine, i don't type one up for you. so here ya go.

thanksgiving was great. the last two years have been untraditional for me and my family, but i like it. kylie works on most holidays, the news NEVER stops, so the last two years i've decorated for christmas. last year by myself, this year with my mom and sister. it was fun. then we went to my parents for an italian feast. then on friday i had my first crazy black friday experience! tiff and amanda talked me into 3am departure! it was crazy, but so much fun. i really didn't feel to tired until it was time to come home. a whole day of shopping done and home by 10am! that's just crazy. but i got awesome deals!

so, i love december! i like cold weather, its my birthday month, and christmas! how could you go wrong. it's such a perfect month. so i'll be 22 on the 19th. i'm spending the 18th at my sister's house to celebrate my birth as well as my neice. she'll be 3. she was born on the 20. what a great gift she was! then on my birthday we're driving to KY. it's a 8hour drive. not so great, but i can continue to say all day "but it's my birthday" and drive everyone nuts. j/k tiff! and CHRISTMAS! yay! i love it so much. it's my favorite time of the year. the decorations, traditions, family, gift giving, and of course JESUS. perfection.

on another note. little hazel got fixed today. she went in at 9 and was done by 11ish. because she is so little and they got done early she got to come home tonight. she's so tired and worn out. she's been sleeping next to us for a long time. we both got off the couch and she whined for us to come back. she just wants us. i love her.

well the pizza is here so i better jet. have a great weekend. i'll try and stay on top of this better. (that's what she said?) :)


MandaJ said...

3AM was a little too early, but we did luck out with some great deals. I mean that pot set of yours was pretty awesome.

Poor Hazel...

Denise said...

lol that's what she said

staceelianna said...

i think you blog more than i do so you're still doing really well!! haha.

LOL @ thats what she said!!

and awww your puppy <3 <3 <3

just_me_tiff said...

"but it's your birthday"