Thursday, December 10, 2009

"you smell like a hair salon"

is something i'm frequently told by my husband.  i wanted to share some pictures of my salon.  i love my shop and how everything looks.  it's not something everyone can appreciate, but i don't care.  it makes me happy.  i have a dream of a new salon some day in a building that i own and it will have a completely different look.  i'll share that inspiration in another blog. 

this is part of my waiting area

and here is the "cutting room" and my station

this is our check out counter.  i absolutely love it.  it used to be in my mom's antique shop as her register, and now i have it.  it's special and fantastically great!

up next is our lights.  i used to have old ceiling fans and i just hated them.  they were so not me and terrible to clean.  not to mention impossible to reach since we have 12' ceilings.  i got these bad boys at ikea for a whopping $30/each!  then my fabulous husband installed them for me.  he's great.

these are my fabulous chandeliers i got from delias magazine.  i get compliments on them all the time.  i do love them and so easy to clean. just unscrew the bulb and wash in the shampoo sinks!

these next few pictures are just some of my stuff around the shop.  a great picture i snagged from urban outfitters, a collection of antique hair stuff gifted from my mom, giant scissors from my dear friend ashley, and a wall decal that is so fitting and...


and my two favorite girls.


she's the blonde in the bunch.  when she started working with me she had long blonde hair and we cut it off short and dyed it brown.  now we've turned her back in the a HOT blonde and cut her some FANTASTIC bangs.  she's an amazing stylist with lots of talent.  i am so glad to have her in my team.  not to mention i love her to death!

here's the brunette!  she's so darn cute.   she's always the brunette that rocks the platinum blonde chunks.  she's had long, short, and a-symmetrical hair.  she's currently rocking the "side swipe", but you can't tell from this pic.  she's also an amazing stylist with lots of talent.  i'm so very happy to have her working with me too.  we're very similar in our styles and it's great to have a friend that loves the same things i love and understand that they're cool not weird. i also love her! 

 i hope you like my salon.  it's totally me and it's out there, but hey i love it.  i love my job and the girls i work with.  i'm so blessed to have found the job i love and the people that  make everyday fun.  my favorite part of the day is when i spin the chair around and my client says "i LOVE it!  thanks maggie!"  not only do i make them look great, but i turn their average day into a day where they are confident in themselves.  and that's what it's all about.


Jillian said...

Your shop is beautiful Maggie! Seriously. I wish we lived closer. We would be BEST friends. Sheesh. :)

Casey Davis said...

You are an amazing boss and a beautiful person. Inside and out! Even your hair right now! hehe

Christina said...

Your shop looks wonderful! I wanna get my hair done there! Might be too far though, LOL