Sunday, December 27, 2009

she's little, but she'll cut a bitch.

and she is one...a female dog that is. meet hazel wynette daniel.

 she's our pretty, and little, but hairy chihuahua. about a year ago, we weren't getting a dog. then kolby and tiff came over and kinda "peer pressured" us. mostly just got us looking at puppies online. we came across hazel. she was adorable and TINY. the size of a pop can actually.

we kind of wanted a chihuahua, but wanted a short haired one. well, we decided to call. next thing you know we're at wal-mart buying up dog stuff before we even looked at her! one stop through the atm and we were on our way to get our pretty pup! her name listed online was Isabella. well, that doesn't cut it in our family, so we changed it. to the beautiful name hazel. and wynette because annie's dog is claudette and abbie's was basette. so it was only fitting. we love hazel so much. she's the best snuggler and is so fun to play with. she loves most of my family except abbie's husband zac. and occasionally forgets abbie and wants to get her too. she hates strangers and is very protective over kylie, caroline, and myself.  

sometimes she's a bad dog and gets spanked, but we love her. we've tried and tried and tried to break her of her barking and aggression to strangers, but she won't have it. luckily she has small teeth, haha. yikes!
this is my favorite day.  even hazel knows when it's bed time.


elise said...

awe, we aren't really dog people but she's really cute!!
we had a min dachshund for alittle while, mainly because Leland loved dogs when he was littler. his name was Lexington and he was carmel colored and beautiful! we just weren't home enough and i felt so bad for the little guy.
i absolutely love the picture with the paper shredded:O)

just_me_tiff said...

haha peer pressure pretty much sums it up! I remember that day lol. she is a adorable, a little devil...but i love her!

Maggie Daniel said...

thanks elise. that was the SECOND time she did that in like a ten minute span. she got spanked then kylie took her out potty. i was in bed and i thought kylie was watcing her, then i just heard him start laughing. and i looked and we were cracking up because she knew she was in trouble.

Annie said...

She is such a B - she hates Everett too!