Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my big dream on the prairie

Here it is, my dream home!  Kylie and I have plans to build this beauty in 2011.  We'd love to build now, but we want a mortgage we can afford and that would be impossible right now.  There are a few changes that need to be made like changing the car port into a garage and adding a half bath in the downstairs, but other than that it's perfect.  I've searched and searched and searched, but after TWO years I believe I found it.  It's the cottage house I've always wanted.  I wanted a two story house that looked small but was actually really spacious inside.  And look at all that character!  Not to mention the beautiful spot we have picked out for it it.  The back yard will be lined with gorgeous yellow trees in the fall AND my sister will live just through the trees!  I can't wait to live in "Fox Creek" or "Fox Crick" We're starting the lane in the summer!  I don't know how we'll stop there and not keep going with the house.  We got a renter for our mobile home, so maybe we'll just save it all for the house, or use it to pay off our car!  Looks like the second option!

Here's the inside:

The Upstairs:


Annie said...

I absolutely LOVE this house. I believe I found it for you b/c I'm the house searching master :) You'll have to get Johnny H to work on the detailing b/c the Fox men aren't capable. I can't wait to see this beauty through the woods next door! What color? I think a gray would be gorgeous with stone and a big red door - esp at Christmas time!

just_me_tiff said...

I love it too!!! I think gray would be great too....kolby and I love a dark gray color.

Casey said...

Oh mag this makes my heart melt into butter... I can no WAIT to see the finished product!!