Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a new found love

rachel ashwell...oh how i love thee. 

kylie got me her book "Shabby Chic Interiors-My rooms, Treasures, and Trinkets" for my birthday.  last night was the first time i got to look at it and i melted in to a pool on the floor.  it is absolutely beautiful.  it's a home filled with such gorgeous sparkling things, but looks absolutely cozy and comfy.  

check out this bed, it's just adorable.  she says in her book she loves a bed that looks just as inviting un-made as it does made.  and i have to agree with her totally.  i just discovered today that she is the one that designs the "shabby chic" line at target, which would explain why i love all of it.

look at this beautiful chandelier.   i've just been dying over a great chandy recently.  i have three of them in my salon and really want to add some in my trailer.  right now i'm rocking some pretty serious lighting and if i'm going to live here another 3 years, i need to spruce it up.  and nothing says beauty like a light dripping in crystals!

i also love in this book how she mixes natural woods with the soft colors and fabrics.  she also features a brown leather tufted couch in her book.  i never would have thought leather, especially brown, would fit into a shabby home.  but it was great.  it made the room masculine, but soft at the same time.  kylie even liked it!

this last picture is a amazing sunroom.  i love everything about it.  when i build, i dream of having wood planked ceiling like this.  the windows and french doors just melt me.  the chandy is perfect.  the couch looks so inviting, then the fresh blue flowers just add the perfect amount of pop to the room.  oh rachel, how you have inspired me so much.  once i finish gawking at this book, i'm looking forward to investing in the others she's had.  oh and i found her BLOG!


Anonymous said...

You might like the book called Flea Market to Fabulous. It has some great ideas/rooms to look at. Merry Christmas!

-Erin Schafer

just_me_tiff said...

Oh how I love Shabby Chic! I might need to get that book for myself. I'm so glad you found her blog!