Saturday, January 10, 2009

first appointment.

kylie and i had our first baby appointment on thursday. it went very well. we were very relieved to find out it is just one baby daniel and not two. twins are in every generation of my family, my mom is a twin and she had twins. twins would have been a tremendous blessing and we would have loved to hear that news too. anyway, the dr. said everything looks great. that the little "bean" heart looks good. i wasn't quite 8 weeks like we thought, so he's asked me to come back in two weeks for another check up. my sister annie has been calling the baby "bean" so thats what we're calling it right now. after the dr. appointment i had to go to the hospital and get some blood drawn and such. it wasn't too bad, but afterwards i was starving! before dropping kylie off at his car we ran through mcdonalds. i got 4 nuggets and a sprite...i only ate 2. on the way home i felt like puking, but made it ok. we were going to menards that night with my parents to look at flooring for our new trailer. when we got to my parents i knew i was going to get sick, and i did. i assumed it was just my normal sick feeling i've had recently from the baby. we got to effingham(about 30mins away) and i didn't think i was going to make it to the bathroom in time. i got sick again at cracker barrell. at this point i was convinced it was bad nuggets from earlier. so we sat down and i ordered my usual dumplings and mashed potatoes. but before the food got there i had to rush to the bathroom again. then the food came and i only took two bites before i was rushing to the bathroom again. at this point i wasn't thinking it was my pregnancy, but the flu. i tried to eat, but the thought of it made me sick. so i just drank water and waited til my family was done. before we left, i once again visited the bathroom. i was so ready to go home at this point, but we still had to go to menards. at menards we were looking at laminate wood flooring for the kitchen of our new trailer. it was on sale, but still wasn't cheap. i picked out some i liked, but it was going to cost almost $500 just to do a 10X12 room. i asked my dad how much carpet was going to be, and he told me $500 for the whole trailer. so i said forget it. since it is my parents trailer and they are going to rent it after we're gone, it was so not worth it for the wood flooring. maybe if it was our home and we were going to live there forever, but not for a rental trailer that we would live in for two years. finally, we left to go home. the whole time i just didn't feel right and kept telling my mom it had to be the flu. i've never felt like this throughout the past 7 weeks. we got home and i barely made it out of my dad's shop before i was curled over puking by the car tire. by the time we got home i was sick again. it pretty much went on like this every hour through the night. it was terrible. i didn't work friday and kylie stayed home with me. thank the Lord for him. he was great. he did laundry, dishes, picked up the house, went to the store, waited on me. i don't know what i would have done without him. so the flu lasted through friday and into friday night, but i woke up today feeling so much better. it was terrible and i'm praying kylie doesn't get it. but if he does i have some big shoes to fill. he really was great. he bought me gatorade then later i said "maybe i could eat some soup" and we were out, so he ran to the store again and bought some. i cried a few times because he was so helpful and nurturing. well and probably because i'm hormonal, tired, and sick. well this was a really long blog. i hope you all have a wonderful weekend and you don't get the stomach flu!


Anonymous said...

wow maggie, that sounds awful. glad you're feeling better. i saw kylie when i was leaving walmart, it must have been on wednesday or something, because he said you were feeling alright then. haha. hope things continue to go well.

-kelly t.

(by the way, you should figure out how to syndicate your blog so i can read it from livejournal)

Jillian said...

That sounds like what I had! Except it was "both ways" and I didn't throw up nearly as much.
I'm so sorry you were sick, especially because this is also the least fun time of being pregnant (most of the morning sickness---all the time sickness!)

I just had my appointment for blood work and my first ultrasound/real appointment is the 20th...I'm pretty sure I'll be 12 whole weeks by then! 1/3 of the way there---which is ridiculous!

Good luck with the flooring!

Denise said...

i'm glad to hear that you are feeling better (: It seems that everyone is catching the stomach flu... there have been a few cases amongst people i know here... fortunately i've never caught it (:

I can't wait to see your ultrasound pics, which i'm sure you will post here!!!!