Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a God thing

so, He's amazing.

i was surfin the web last night, just looking around on websites. and i came across familylife.com well they are doing a 40 day love dare right now. i was interested so i checked it out. when i read it, i thought of my friend immediately. her and her husband have been going through some rough patches for the last year, and i thought, this is exactly what they need. she is actually my sisters best friend, and abbie has helped them out alot through out this past year. so i emailed abbie and said i thought this would be something they could really gain from.

so today, i got an email from my friend. today is her and her husbands 2 year anniversary. she wanted to say thanks so much for the advice. she said God was using me in their lives and it was awesome. last night, her and her husband, went to a small group for young married couples. it was the first time they had gone and they watched the movie 'fireproof'. she said its a really cheesy movie, but they all loved how great the message was about love. the movie talks about doing a 40 day love dare to save your marriage. so at the study they all got the dares and were ready to start, today. she said it was awesome to come home and find an email about the dare. it was like God was totally reassuring them that this would save their marriage.

i thought that was awesome. God used me to help them in their marriage. He led me to the website and led me to pass on the news to them. i don't believe that these kinds of things just happen randomly. i really believe this was a God thing. think of how many times you've just passed something on to a friend or family member, just thinking they would be interested in it, you might have changed thier whole perspective on something. God is great, let's share His love!


just_me_tiff said...

we've been doing the love dare...it's pretty much amazing.

MandaJ said...

when i started reading your blog i automatically thought of the movie fireproof. that love dare thing is awesome!