Tuesday, December 30, 2008

what the what what?!

so i was completely wrong with my week count of the pregnancy! i'm apparently 1 day away from week 7! do you know what this means?! almost 2 months down! i can't believe it. i was completely unaware that you go from the first day of your last cylce...NOT ovulation. how crazy. so our little baby is no where near the letter "o" that we thought it was. it has arm and leg buds! next week i have an appointment and i'm so excited. i will for sure have an ultrasound. kylie and i are so pumped. he's still a little nervous, but he's warming up and thinking about names and such, now if we only knew what it was! haha. so here's a little picture of what it looks like at the moment and a little write up about it, courtesy of parents.com...p.s. it says "she" but we have no idea what it is or what it will be. my sister and friend hillary are certain it's a girl though. i'm blessed with either one. i would love a girl, but i would also love a baby boy with lots of its cousin everett's baby clothes!

Although she still resembles a tiny alien, your baby's facial features are starting to form. Arms, legs, hands, and feet are taking shape, although they don't yet have fingers and toes. The brain is growing more complex; if you looked through a microscope, it would be clearly visible through the transparent skull. The embryo has started to move in small jerks, although you won't feel these until the fourth month.

i'm so excited...*tears of joy*

hi hillary and ashley! i'm so glad i can offer some entertainment for you during your long day with the fujitsu! haha, i'll never forget how dreadful that machine is, and the JOB! loves!


just_me_tiff said...

geeez this is going so fast now! it went from "i'm prego" to TWO months all of a sudden ?!?! kylie better get warmed up a little faster lol. *yay* for a new baby daniel

MandaJ said...

that is so exciting maggie!!!!