Monday, January 19, 2009

oh monday monday monday

what a lazy day i've had. so for those of you who don't know, i don't work on mondays. i work on saturdays(usually) and mondays are so cosmetologist can take classes. so far today i've: shoveled the snow, did two haircuts(so i did work today), did dishes, watched ultimate recipe showdown, played animal crossing, watched the end of BRING IT ON!-yeah it totally happened, now i'm online while watching Jon and Kate plus 8!

i'm so thankful to have these days off. usually, i take today to catch up on laundry and dishes, dust and vaccuum and run little errands that need done. but b/c the snow, it made me totally unmotivated. soon i'm going to be using my mondays to start packing to move. thats right, we're moving up in the trailer park! haha. i was really unmotivated to move, but then i saw how much bigger the trailer was, so now i'm pumped. well, except for the moving and unpacking part. but i'm somewhat excited about that too. i've lived here for 2 years almost, and i feel like moving will be a breath of fresh air. i feel like i need a fresh new organized home. this home was perfect for me and kylie and our new life. but now we're turning the page in our story. a new chapter. so our new home will be a home for our new family. then when we add a new family member again, we'll move into our newly built home...hopefully, haha thats the plan at least!

well this is kinda running out of steam, so have a wonderful day. i'll try and blog again soon.


Denise said...

you are moving?!?!? wow, i can't wait to see it!

MandaJ said...

sorry to have made you work :(

but i do love the new haircut!! thanks so much!!!

staceelianna said...

i'm watching Bring It On right now!! and hurray for a bigger place! :D