Monday, December 8, 2008

everyone's doing it

here's my christmas decor! oh, this is my favorite time to decorate! my great grandma grace used to go all out at her house. the inside and outside were hardcore decorated. my mom said christmas music played inside and outside! it was so decked out that people would come and see it, like the festival of lights, only at my great grandparents house. my grandma toots, held up with the tradition for awhile, but then her age got to her, so no more. she does have fab-o-lous stuff though. i'm pretty sure glitter is in our blood. i've seen my great grandmas stuff, my grandmas, and my mothers, and my siblings. i'm pretty sure it runs through us! haha. anyway, heres some pictures.

this is our tree.

this is above our kitchen sink. the little village houses are from my grandma toots.this is our kitchen window. winter wonderland!
this is above our lovely avacado fridge.


Denise said...

i love Christmas decorations!! everything is so cute!!

glitter is amazing.

Nicky said...

I love your stuff!! It's so cute!

just_me_tiff said...

i need to post mine too!! so we can show that trailers really can be fabulous! lol

MandaJ said...

ooh i love it all!!!! i absolutly love your kitchen window decorations too!